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Something Missing

What’s missing?

You. I’ve missed blogging this week.  I know I said I’d be gone a week, maybe two.  But I can’t stay away.

What’s missing?

Contentment.  I’ve really struggled this week with stuff (or what I think is the lack of stuff).  I’ve grumbled over the smallest things.  I’ve cried about poor ol’ me and I’m ashamed of myself. I’m now glad that I didn’t blog about it.  Thanksgiving is coming up; I need to be focusing on what I’m thankful for.

What’s missing?

The dinner time nap.  Mini has outgrown her need for that short cat nap which allowed me to sit down for a meal without feeding her at the same time.  Oh well, I’d much rather play choo choo or airplane than eat my peas, anyway.

What’s missing?

Time to read the paper.  During the weeks/months leading up to the election I was engrossed in the newspaper.  I know, I know, I’m not a member of my own generation.  But the paper is at the kitchen table, my computer is not.  Lately, though, I’ve only read the headlines just before tossing it in the recycling bin. I miss it.

What’s missing?

Sleep.  It’s midnight and I should really be getting to bed.  The Jr. High retreat begins tomorrow and Lord knows, I’ll need my sleep.  But it’s soooo good to break the silence and talk to you again.  How’ve you been?

What’s missing?



He begged me not to.  I had to pull it, it was barely hanging on.  Ewwww!  I didn’t want to pull it; this is not a parenting task I signed up for.  Mike wasn’t home.  I tried to get him to keep wiggling that tooth.  He wouldn’t.  I bribed him with the excessive wealth of the Tooth Fairy second only to automaker CEO’s.  He didn’t take it (but he did remember it later).  I tried to knock it out with his Power Ranger toothbrush “accidentally.”

Finally, I just put a wad of toilet paper in my hand and told him that I needed to see how loose it really was.  Success!

I loved seeing the transformation take place.  Scaredy cat to brave and proud lion.  One of my favorite parenting moments to date.

At bedtime he kissed me on the cheek and said, “Mommy, thank you for pulling out my tooth! My dream has come true!”

Let’s hope he still feels that way when there’s no private jet found under his pillow.

****before I go,  if you think about us this weekend, would you please pray for the retreat.  We have a small group (11) but they are such a great group of middle schoolers.   We pray this weekend will make an eternal difference to them.  The theme is Dirty Jobs, a take-off of the Discovery Channel series.  We are studying Philippians.


11 thoughts on “Something Missing

  1. Oy, I hadn’t thought about that parenting task until you mentioned it. =\ Everyday I realize more and more how amazing mothers truly are! Anyway, Congrats Max! You’re getting so big!

    I will pray that your retreat is filled with God’s presence and that He will move in those middle schoolers and the adults as well.

  2. I’ve missed you too! And will be praying for this weekend. Having taken a short break from our youth group this Fall I so love hearing about your adventures! Will be praying for changed lives!

  3. I miss you!

    I haven’t been a good bloggy buddy of late. Hopefully I can explain on my blog later…

    but I am so excited about Max’s tooth! Tell him he and Daniel now have one more thing in common!

    Love ya and will catch up soon,

  4. We must have had the same week lol. Hope you have a great thanksgiving we will be thinking about you guys. WAY TO GO MAX FOR BEING SUCH A BIG BOY!!!

  5. Oh I can’t pull them! I get grossed out just looking – something about wiggly teeth makes me squimish. K lost her first 2 this week – woo hoo!

    Love the shot of him.

    Your daughter is growing so fast!

    How is the school year going? The pregnancy has really thrown me off….so tired….

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