0-12 Months (Watch Mini Grow!)

9 Months

How do I love 9 months? Let me count the ways:


She lets me play hairdresser.


The days are filled with big smiles and baby talk.


Plus, there’s singing, silliness, and flirtatious games.


And now there’s a new fun way to get from point A to point B.  Traditional crawling?  BORING!

Of course, before she arrives to point B, she could very well be scooped up into someone’s arms.  Just because she’s too cute not to be held.


Sometimes her cuteness overtakes us.


And sometimes it has the most unusual effect on us – to be quiet and still.


But all the time, it causes us to do this


We just can’t help it.


Happy 9 months, Mini!


8 thoughts on “9 Months

  1. Golly she makes me feel like I’m about to lactate she’s so cute. Sorry if that sounds strange but its a step beyond baby hungry. Mercy, I love that stage where they are learning to hold their own.

  2. I cant believe she’s 9 months already! I was just talking about the whole labor and delivery thing with my friends the other day and now look at our baby girl.

  3. All the girls in the office are here to watch Mini turn 9 moths! We are so excited and she is so cute! Everyone in San Antonio loves Mini! We are her fan club 🙂

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