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From Me To You On Bugaloo

I just wanted to tell you about these cute baby shoes I found from Bugaloo Kids.  I received the pair I ordered online a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t wait to try them on Mini’s feet.  They are so adorable!


The little birdie singing was just too cute to resist.  I have a couple of different pairs of soft-sole leather baby shoes from Target and I like them all right but I really like these.  The picture doesn’t seem to do them justice because what you can’t see in the photo is the premium stitching and, man, you can’t smell the leather, either.  They are well-made and carefully packaged in a lovely gift bag with a bow.  And here’s the best part – a $15 price tag!

No, wait.  Here’s the best part:


Our model – she is so fab.  We got a lot of compliments on them!


“Where did you get your shoes, girl?”

“My mommy got them over here.”  Let’s go shopping, I’ll come with you.  What do you think of these?



9 thoughts on “From Me To You On Bugaloo

  1. We have the exact same pair! I love them so much, I just order 2 more pairs to give as gifts!! I want the Mary J.s so bad, but they are out of stock 😦 Mini and Mia would look fab in them, no doubt!

  2. FANTASTIC! I need to check them out. I have some Robeez for my little lady but they are still too big and she ends up pulling them off and putting them in her mouth. I am heading to that site now…

  3. The *LAST* thing that Mini’s buddy in that photo needs is encouragement about shoes! At 2 she’s ALREADY *very* particular about what shoes she wears.


    I have a feeling that Mini and my little girl will be haunting the G’town DSW soon enough!

  4. I found some pink ones just like that that had guitars on them I found alot of different ones on amazon (I THINK) there may have been some on esty. You def need to check out YOU’LL LOOOOOOVE IT

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