I’m Glad I Don’t Listen To Myself About Homeschooling

I got up this morning with no energy to teach school.  But it had been a week since we did anything structured, not counting yesterday’s co-op classes, so I opened The Cabinet anyway and got out Max’s supplies box.  He was really silly this morning, fidgety and clumsy.  My nerves were like frayed ends of a rope and I lost my patience.  I cried out in my wimpiest voice to myself, “I can’t homeschool!”

That’s when I knew I needed to stop and pray for both of us to get through this morning.  My prayer got interrupted by the fidgeting, I felt my voice raise even while I was praying, and then I got over myself.  This is how I know the Holy Spirit is real.  When you pray for patience He will give you something to be patient about.  But he’ll also immediately give you insight, as well.

The insight, in this case, was to change my plans and celebrate Veteran’s Day instead.  I don’t mean taking the day off to go to the mall (although that would be fun!)

I put away the book work that I was planning to do that day and announced that we would be doing a project instead.

His eyes lit up.  We went downstairs to the computer, watched a patriotic video about the military on YouTube, and learned about the American flag.

I grabbed a couple of pieces of construction paper and we made our own flag.  In order to make the flag he had to read, do math, follow directions, cut and paste, and complete his work.  Everything we normally cover in a day of school.

And you know what?  It was really fun!

Plus, he learned about our soldiers and we talked about and prayed for those that are away from their families right now while they protect and serve our country.

And Max got it.

I love homeschooling!




We finished at 10:30.  Looks like we have some time to head to the mall later (just kidding).


8 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Don’t Listen To Myself About Homeschooling

  1. Suddenly a line from a Kenny Roger’s song comes to mind…”You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em…” or know when to make a flag. I think it was PERFECT!

  2. Thats one awesome flag you got the max the man..You can also tell him that he had a few brave great great uncles that fought in world war 2.And I bet his grandpa has some good stories to tell him about the brave men in our family.

  3. Here is precisely the reason to homeschool! School doesn’t always have to be book-work. Sometimes it’s just as educational to do these kinds of projects….and sooo much less stressful for mommy!

  4. I thought about homeschooling my 3 girls. I am actually in school myself for teaching. I am not sure if I could handle the day to day struggles and schoolwork, but you seem to be doing wonderful. I am glad I found your blog…I will be back!

  5. What a fun lesson! I wanted to do something for Veteran’s Day, but I wasn’t feeling great…and I just didn’t have the energy to do a single thing! Oh well!

    I have to say that I just love the things you do with Max – he’s learning to love learning! Great job, Mom/Teacher! 🙂

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