Camp Cousin

We had such a busy and fun weekend! My sister and her four kids drove up from North Carolina on Thursday and Max was so excited to see his cousins.  We went downtown on Friday and walked a hundred miles, underestimating – as usual – the amount of work it takes to escort six kids and two strollers on the Metro and through historic buildings.

My dad came along for the day trip and we had a great time.  He never said anything but I’m sure he was amused over the fact that his own daughters now want to see these buildings – the very same sights that were only 20 miles from us growing up but never appreciated. I can hear the groaning and complaining from the back seat of our wood-paneled station wagon now.  Museums? Again?




Sadly, we didn’t get to see the American History Museum because it’s still closed for renovation and won’t re-open until Nov. 21st.  I really wanted to see the original Kermit the Frog, too.  Valerie, you’ll just have to come back to Maryland for Thanksgiving 🙂

We did walk by the Supreme Court (first picture), the Capitol, and inside the Library of Congress – three sights that I don’t ever remember visiting before.  I loved the Library of Congress even more after we got home, checked the mail, and saw that Netflix sent us National Treasure: Book of Secrets from our queue.  Who knew – the LOC was a big part of the plot.  And we were just there!  It’s the little things in life…

Thanks for a great visit – we already miss you and we’re looking forward to Camp Cousin in NC next time!


3 thoughts on “Camp Cousin

  1. I wished I lived that close to DC! I can’t wait to see the Supreme Court building LIVE one day! As a future attorney that building is just so awesome to me! 😉

  2. We had so much fun! I am truly sorry for the shadows!
    I still want to finish the field trip…
    the kids loved seeing everyone and M. loves Mini! She wants to see her pictures…all the time! Thanks for having us!
    I don’t think we’ll be up for Thanksgiving, but enjoy your cooking! Love ya!

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