Just got back from an awesome women’s retreat and re-living the laughter, fun, inspiration, and challenge that God gave me this weekend.  His timing is so, so perfect.  I needed the weekend on so many levels and I’m thankful that Mike stayed home with the kids so I could go.

And I’m not even one bit jealous that while I was gone Mini decided that she needed to catch up on her sleep.  I called on Saturday and asked when she (heh,heh) woke up and dragged him out of bed that morning, (heh, heh) wondering how it felt for him to start his day at the crack of dawn.

He answered, “oh..she slept until 9:30”


I really missed everyone, though.  I came home to a husband who missed me, too, and a smiling 6 year-old wearing a muscled Spider-man suit and a (well-rested) baby that squealed when she saw me.  PLUS I noticed right away that the kitchen was sparkling clean, the floor mopped, kitchen table cleared, and no clutter anywhere in sight.

A perfect homecoming to a perfect weekend.

Our retreat’s theme was Loving Well by Beth Moore.  I can’t say enough about the DVD and the discussion afterwards.  So incredibly good.  Has anyone else seen this DVD?  Did it change your life like it did mine?  Beth Moore is a great teacher and she’s so funny.  We laughed and cried all weekend long and I made new friendships and strengthened old ones.

This was my first women’s retreat but definitely not my last.  Good times!


3 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. That’s wonderful! Sometimes a short getaway with other women is the perfect recharge for our physical and spiritual batteries.

    A few of my girlfriends and I are doing the Believing God study right now. It’s fantastic–God has blessed Beth with so many talents.

    9:30??? Wow.

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