I’m always so thankful for your comments – thanks for your encouragement the past couple of days, especially.

Last night’s youth group was really good, although it’s hard to use the word good to describe it.  I mean, the mood was somber but the worship was passionate and the teens were talking about how they felt.  There were small huddles of friends consoling each other and crying but there were also times of laughter and distraction.

Most of the junior highers didn’t even know about the accident, much to my surprise.  I preferred not being the one to tell them about it and I got a little choked up as I was speaking.  One of the girls in our group is having a hard time watching her older brother grieve and I could easily relate.  But God works even in those super uncomfortable moments – as a result he gave me the words to go right into sharing the Gospel message with everyone.

The Washington Post’s article can be found here if you’d like to read more.  As a former Young Life leader, I was really proud of their leader who rushed to the scene to pull the kids out of the burning car.

Thanks for your prayers for the families, one of which belongs to our homeschool group.


3 thoughts on “Update

  1. The lesson was great! You did a great job. I pray that if the JHers learn one thing from us, it’s to be bold for Christ! There isn’t enough time to play it safe, we need to take risks.

  2. It’s always amazing to see how God moves in when the traumas of life happen. How wonderful to read that the youth group turned towards God & one another. Grief is not something that they will experience with just a few tears or just a few moments – but we can be thankful for a God who wipes away every single tear and never leaves our side.

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