I’m ready for the JH lesson but my heart is heavy for something else that happened in our community on Monday night.  There was a fatal car accident involving high school students who were on their way to hang out at Burger King after a Young Life club.  The car hit a tree and the boy who was sitting in the middle of the backseat died from his injuries and another is in critical condition.  Police say alcohol was not a factor.

I don’t know these teens, but several students in our youth group know them well and they are coping with the sudden and horrible news that a friend is now gone.

It’s hard to believe that this has happened.


8 thoughts on “Loss

  1. A recommendation….

    A dear friend of mine was in a tragic pedestrian/automobile accident just over a week ago. What has been a huge aid is setting up a recovery blog of sorts. A central location for information and updates. It spares the families involved from many phone calls and allows an easy share of information. bwrecovery.blogspot.com is what we’ve been working with. Its been huge between 120-200 visits a day.

    Anyway this is a horrible time for both the kids families and something like this could be of use. So I thought I’d share.

    I’m sorry for the loss of your group.

  2. I can relate and understand their loss and heart ache. A student my age at my school, who I’d known since 6th grade, was involved in a tragic shooting, ending in 2 deaths. It’s an awful feeling and situation to deal with. My prayers are always with you.

    I love you all

  3. Loss is never easy. I experienced something similar in high school and it wasn’t easy. 😦 I’ll make sure to pray for the family and friends of those that passed on.

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