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8 Months

Mini has a cold right now so the official photo shoot will be delayed.  The stage mom in me won’t allow goopy eyes and a runny nose to be seen by the public.

Puhleeze.  The real reason is that I’m just too lazy.  And sleep deprived from waking up every two hours last night.  In fact, immediately after I write this post I’m going to crawl right into bed because I have a feeling we’ll have a repeater tonight.

But back to Mini being 8 months old tomorrow!  This has been a big month for her with lots of fun happenings like learning how to crawl and stand up by herself (while holding onto the table or crib).  In fact, last night while I was on the phone with Becky (who called to say she is having a girl! squeal!) Mini pulled herself right on up to a standing position for the first time.  Fun!

She’s an active little one.  Part of me is like “no. no.no.no.no.no.” for entirely selfish and lazy reasons but the biggest part of me is happy.  Not only will I have blog fodder for, like, ever, but she’ll be able to keep up with her big brother just fine.

She certainly loves his toys and goes after all the matchbox cars and rolls the balls across the room and crawls after them (even if takes much effort to do so!)  Last week in the nursery I noticed that she was crawling over other babies to get to a toy.  She’s a go-getter in the same way that Max was from an early age.

Ha! Perhaps Max was just the training ground?

Your prayers are appreciated.

Other fun stuff to share … Mini still sings along with the radio (not so much with me anymore.  I think she’s trying to tell me something).  She claps all the time, too.  When I walk into her room each morning she claps and bounces up and down.  It’s so cute.  Also, she’s starting to wave but it’s like a slow motion turn of the hand and a curious stare.  She really cracks us up.

No teeth so far and she doesn’t have much of an appetite for green vegetables (who can blame her?) but she loves sweet potatoes and squash and most fruits from a baby food jar.  Not a fan of mashed up ripe bananas, homestyle, though.  Maybe it’s just my cooking.

I say that only because tonight in the car Max asked me why Daddy doesn’t do the cooking for our family.  I told him it was because I’m at home so I’m able to get dinner ready but followed up with, “Actually, Daddy is a great cook.”

Max replied, “that means he doesn’t burn dinners like you do?”

I’ll just go up to bed now and pull the covers over my head.

Click on over to the Watch Mini Grow page to see how much she’s changed!


3 thoughts on “8 Months

  1. Grow, Mini, grow! Isn’t it amazing how fast she’s learning now? I still can’t get over all of Mia’s new accomplishments!

    I’m looking forward to Mini’s photo shoot, and I hope she’s sleeping better tonight!

  2. Those colds are rough. I think that Aubryn has had a constant one pretty much since Labor Day! I love watching Mini grow and change. Can’t wait for the photo shoot!

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