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Homeschooling is going well so far.  I love the Shiller Math which bounces around from topic to topic (one minute you’re skip counting, the next you’re filling up measuring cups with water) and Max is beginning to read simple readers on his own.  He’s motivated to learn and even more motivated for the reward.  Which I forget about half the time but he never does.  So far, so good.

On average we’re doing school three mornings a week at home plus a day at the co-op.  Love the co-op.  Max has made some cool projects in art and oceanography (that’s right, I said oceanography.  The bar is set high for learning in kindergarten.)

Looks to me like he learned something shocking about starfish.

See the red paint he’s wearing on his arm and leg?  Well, we had a bit of drama about that red paint last week.

Do you remember how he had a semi-serious allergic reaction last December after we painted Christmas ornaments?  Well, Max broke out into hives all over his body again but, long story short, it wasn’t the paint.  It was a typical penicillin allergy.  I called the doctor and spoke to a nurse at first, who told me TOTALLY WRONG INFORMATION…only to access my crazy side for an hour as I called an allergist and planned his funeral.

Once the doctor saw him in person, though, we got things straightened out.  Allergic to penicillin.  Good to know.  Cancel the funeral.

I think I’ve spontaneously planned his funeral about a hundred times since he was born.  All due to nothing more than an ear infection, swollen lymph node in the neck, or a busted-up lip that covered his shirt with blood, of course.  I’m not so good in a crisis.

Then sometimes I miss things altogether and ignore the obvious.  Like when he had started telling me his face was itching an entire day before the hives broke out.  Ah, it’s nothing.  Meanwhile I gave him two more doses and nagged and lectured him all day gently reminded him once or twice about keeping his hands off his face.  Nice.

I am the one who is learning.


7 thoughts on “Learning

  1. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that sometimes gets it wrong! It seems I ignore obvious symptoms sometimes and overreact to the little things! =\ Well I guess that’s why we live and learn. I’m glad you got the right diagnosis (eventually!) and now you know what to avoid next time around. And yay for Max learning to read!!

  2. hehe Tell Max that my Mom is allergic to penicillin
    (sp?) too! So he’s not alone in this world. 😉

    P.S. You’re doing great Mom.

  3. LOL! I’ve planned my little one’s funeral a dozen times too 🙂 She had an allergic reaction to penicillin over the weekend and I must have checked on her every half hour last night. She slept great… me, not so much! I commend you for homeschooling. I am not looking forward to the school decisions that we will have to make in a few years.

  4. Hey Max…I’m allergic to penicillin too. WE ROCK!!!

    I was given wrong information too. The nurse told me to stop taking it and then when the rash went away, to finish the prescription! WHAT!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I too was planning my own funeral because the hives were in my eyes and I was sure I would stop breathing at any minute.

  5. “only to access my crazy side for an hour as I called an allergist and planned his funeral”…seriously that made me laugh out loud! (Sorry to have laughed at your child’s expense.) That is such a great way to word what every mom has done at some point!

  6. Oh – glad you are liking shiller math. It is fun, but an adjustment. We are doing the greater than/less than symbols and get into the greater than or equal to symbol next. Feels weird to be doing all this before adding, but it is great number sense!

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