September Pics

Did the month of September go by fast or slow for you?  It went by incredibly fast for us – I don’t think there was a single day of down time around here.  It was a fun month, though, with birthday celebrations and beach vacations, so no complaints at all.

I’ve blogged about the highlights of the month but there were a few pictures that I took that never made their way into a post.  So, I thought I’d just share them here instead.

The Grammy Book Fair came into town after Max’s birthday party.  Grammy (my mom)’s friend gave us a whole bunch of Scholastic books that her boss gave her (same woman who gave me all the Hawaiian shirts – I think this gal’s got a shopping addiction!)  Max was so excited about all the Magic Schoolbus books.

One night Max told me he was “guarding” Mini while he was having a snack.  This is probably not that funny to you, but it’s hilarious to me.  A little background about Max’s snacking style:  When he eats a snack, Max is in no shape to serve any kind of guard duty.  He spins around, hums, looks at the wall, out the window, etc.  He goes into full snacking Max’s Own Little World.  The boy enjoys his food.

And anyway, guarding what?  She’s just sitting there watching him eat his carrots.

Mini had her first taste of ice-cream (this one was actually taken in August – shhh)  and she didn’t know what to think of it.  But when we gave her some ice-cream at Dairy Queen on our way home from SC she had changed her thinking – it was very good!  Wish I had some pictures of that, it was pretty cute.

Any of my old Maryland friends remember this place?  After I took M & M to have their picture taken, Max needed to get some energy out.  He had met his quota for being still.

This place has served us well over the years – in fact, I think it was our second home for every winter duirng Max’s bumping and crashing toddler and preschool years.

That’s his old time-out spot under the big mushroom.  Haha!

This was Mini’s first time in the park swing.  Her little legs were dancing like crazy, she loved it so much!

Doesn’t she look like she’s having the time of her life?

The next pictures were taken after Max had his regular ENT appointment ($25 copay for 5 second appt to check on his ear tube – ouch!) and we couldn’t resist the smell of Krispy Kreme donuts afterwards.  (Sorry for saying ear tube and donuts in the same sentence – ew!)

Max brought a hat home for Mini (but no donut – now’s the only time he can get away with that kind of nonsense!)

September was a great month.  But isn’t any month great if you add some Krispy Kreme love to it?


8 thoughts on “September Pics

  1. I’m cracking up b/c the first book I notice on the table is “Saturday night at the Dinosaur Stomp” We read that today at preschool, this week and next is our Dinosaur unit! 🙂

    Cute pics!!

    We just went to the Smokey Mountains this past weekend and got KK donuts HOT out of the oven, so yummy!!! That’s the only way I like ’em….. They just squish and oooz everywhere. 🙂

  2. Anna- Thanks so much for that post. It makes up for you being off line for a week during your vacation. Minni in her KK hat, that is fabulous!!! I have it as my new screen saver. Everyone at the office keeps walking over to see it! Thanks for keeping me smiling through your blog 🙂

  3. Max and Mini always look so happy in their pictures! Those smiles are to die for! September went extremely fast for me too (thanks school!) 🙂

  4. Oh I could eat up those little legs…yum yum yum… they are so sweet, Anna. I just adore your kiddos.

    Krispy Kreme………………….HOT light on……………………Weight Watchers……………….whimper……….

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