Let It Out

Found no clean underwear, but told him not to fret

I’ll throw a load in right away, watch me: get ready, set

Uh-oh! spilled Cheerios on the floor, spit-up on my leg

OJ tastes yucky Mommy, swollen glands pop out his neck

Out the door to see the doctor, next stop: Target to get

Orange flavored penicillin, 10 days for the strep

Housework never finished, clothes in dryer sopping wet

Better fix some dinner, Mike gets home early I bet

Junior High starts tonight, has to leave in just a sec

Dinner’s not yet ready, pillow crying is my out-let

Take can out to recycle bin, and who was it I met?

A big raccoon on the deck, I think my pants got wet

It was only just a day, but a day I just wish to forget

How was your day?


9 thoughts on “Let It Out

  1. Not much better. Took last dose of the second round of antibiotics for 3 weeks of strep. 2 yr old cutting last molar and who’s lost his ever loving mind. Crappy day if there ever was one. I feel ya. Good luck!

  2. How creative! You are so talented!

    As far as the reality of small-child-years goes, I think that experience is universal. Hang in there. We’re all there with you.

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