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Max got some Legos for his birthday.  At first, Mike helped him build the sets and Max would end up lying on the floor playing way before the set was complete.  Mike would say “you helping?” and Max would answer “yep.”

And so the Lego building would continue.

But when Dad wasn’t around on Monday when a new box from his grandparents was opened, Max set out to build a 542 piece Racers set all by himself.

He is all about the baby steps.

For the past two days he worked on it.   And wouldn’t you know it, he finished it all by himself!  I was so proud of him.  Dad had to help with a few modifications here and there (but who really cares if some things are lopsided?)  I was just amazed that he had the concentration for it and could follow the instructions without any help.

But all this building of Legos leads to a problem.  Building Central has been at the living room coffee table.

Which was fine, before The Crawler said “hey! there’s stuff up there?”

So now Legos are banned from the living room.

For good.


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