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Tan, No. Relaxed, Yes.

Packed lighter even with the addition of a baby plus all of her stuff, yes.

Made husband happy, yes.

Loaded van the night before, yes.

Stuffed many, many last-minute things in another bag the next morning, yes.

I believe the words I used were TRY to pack lighter, yes.

Still had a fabulous family vacation in Hilton Head, yes!

We did – we had a great vacation.  I missed you so much.  I missed writing so much and reading your blogs, too.  I’m glad to be back but Hilton Head was really fun.

Let me tell you about our trip.  I was not the best photographer on this trip (9 out of 10 beach pictures show a diagonal horizon, which has me quite worried on so many levels) so I’m gonna ask you to use your powerful imagination for some of this.

First and foremost, let’s imagine that I’m a size 6 and that I remained a size 6 in spite of eating my 110 pound weight in chocolate the whole week.  And let’s say that my hair looks AWESOME blowing in the wind.

Imagining is fun.

Anyway, our 10 hour road trip to and from SC was nice and easy.  Mike drove the entire way while we listened to music or talked about the books I was reading (Your God is Too Safe, which I really liked….and The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks – oh! I enjoyed this book).

Mini had a slight fever from a mild cold but she slept well, and Max caught up on the Sunday paper.

He looked at these comics almost the entire way, no joke.  Well, in between asking “are we there yet” a million times.

Once we arrived and got settled, we hung out with Mike’s family for the rest of the night and hit the beach for the first time after breakfast the next morning.  We had beautiful weather – upper 80’s – and minimal crowds.

Mini loved the sand!  She was so curious about it and ran it through her fingers, picking up tiny sticks one after another.  I was busy trying to keep all that stuff out of her mouth, which was pretty much impossible.

I see evidence that the sand made its way right into her mouth.

Speaking of evidence, our little Detective Max turned 6 years old while we were at the beach.  He was busy all week collecting clues for various things. His imagination was going wild about haunted hotels, whales in the ocean, and an incident when the front door of our condo opened on its own.  He had a very exciting week and took pictures with his camera of every single bit of found evidence.

Even Mini was interested in what Detective Max’s latest case was all about.

This post is becoming way too long – but I have to tell you that Mini started Army crawling on the trip.  It was fun to watch her get better and better at reaching for the toy she wanted as the week went on.  And put her bottle a few feet from her and – WATCH OUT – she gets to it lickity split.

I’ve run out of words now.  So I’ll just post some of the pictures that didn’t show the diagonal horizon. As you can see, we had a great time!


15 thoughts on “Tan, No. Relaxed, Yes.

  1. I must tell you… she gets that amazing talent of checking herself out in the mirror from none other than YOURS TRULY! Its bad because I cant walk by a mirror or even a window without checking myself out! Look out MOM… looks like she’s starting to really own that nickname… MINI! 😉 Love you and miss you.

    P.S. MAX- We are still searching for the perfect birthday gift for you. So dont worry, it will be coming soon! xoxo

  2. Looks like y’all stayed at a place we’ve stayed often – A Marriott property in Sea Pines, maybe?

    I am so happy you had a great trip. Even with all of your stuff! Mini and Max are adorable in their swimsuits, too.

  3. YOU’RE BACK!!!! I can’t tell you how much I missed your blog last week. I check it everyday from work and always love seeing the pictures. I couldn’t wait to hear about your trip! Thanks for telling us about it. Mini is so cute eating the sand. I love how Max is always a detective. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Again, glad you are back.

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