Adoption (Open)

On Being An Adoptive Mom

I’m really proud to be an adoptive mom and this time of year, as Max’s birthday approaches, I give weighty thought to how our family came to be.

It’s kind of sad to word it this way, but we are a family that simply wouldn’t exist without Loss.  First, our infertility, then J. and A.’s (birth moms of Max & Mini) heart wrenching act of unselfish love, and, finally of course, the lifetime acceptance of both.

Missy from Grasp The Love pointed me to this beautiful post today on being an adoptive parent.  Good timing.

I love what Jaclyn wrote about not only being a memory maker but a memory keeper, too.


2 thoughts on “On Being An Adoptive Mom

  1. Hi Anna! As much as I’m sure Jaclyn would love to take credit for it, she got it off of someone else…sorry, I should have been more clear! I’m glad it’s getting passed around, it’s a great read!

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