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Usually I like to keep things light here on the blog.   After giving this post the title of “Humbled” I would characteristically write a story about how Max told me I smell good – good like garlic bread.  And how he followed that compliment with a memorable encore – that I always smell like garlic bread.

True story that happened this very night, but no, that’s not the reason for this post about how I feel right now.

God is working in mighty ways to get my attention about some things (first and foremost, I need to use a little more Scope.)

Seriously, I’m listening to Him right now.  Mainly, He wants me to just live in such a way that he has my constant attention, not just when I’m in some kind of need.  Since Mini was born I’ve been sitting on the dock in a spiritual sense because, truly, things have been soooo good.  There hasn’t been much of a need for me to cling to Him in a storm like I did last year.

But I can’t stay here in this safe harbor for long.  I have a deep sense that God is preparing me for something and I want to be paying attention, not falling asleep at the wheel.  Wait, did I just mix up analogies?  Whatever, thanks for being nice.

The other day I went searching for a book that I remembered Mike had read some years ago.  We hadn’t discussed this book in a while, but for some reason it was impressed upon me that now was the time I had to read it for myself.  The book is called, Your God Is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan.  I started it today and I’m only on Chapter 3 but WOW!  This is totally applicable right now and some of the scripture references I read today were the same ones I’ve read recently elsewhere (and I remembered them – that’s saying something).

I know that God wants me to read this book right now.  And that is what I mean by feeling humbled.

Have you read it?  Want to join me?  It’s really good.

More and more we see God as safe.  In one sense, of course, it’s true.  God is safe.  He is the one in whom we find refuge, our hiding place, a shield about us.  He is the God of all comfort.  He is the God of peace.

But that’s not what I mean when I say we’ve made God too safe.  I mean that we want Him to be comfortable rather than comforting.  I mean that we want Him to be peaceable, to keep His peace, to be docile, rather than to be peacemaking and peace giving.  And instead of being our hiding place, we would prefer that God be our ace in the hole.  And if that doesn’t work, we’d prefer to hide from Him.

-Mark Buchanan, Your God is Too Safe (p. 14-15)

Has God ever led you to read a certain book?  This is the second time this year that I’ve felt this way (remember what I shared about the book, Prayer by Philip Yancey?)  God taught me a lot about that particular subject, I’d say.  The beautiful reminder of how God answers prayer on His timeline, not mine, is sleeping soundly in her crib right now.

God knows me and loves me and wants to teach me new things so that I can be used by Him – at the time of His choosing, not just when I think it’s a good, safe time.  I’m looking forward to what He is going to teach me through this book.


6 thoughts on “Humbled

  1. i’ve heard great things about that book and i think that it’s about time that I take a look myself. thanks for the recommendation. also, just for the record, i have never thought that you smell like garlic bread.

  2. I’ve NOT read it, but I do know someone who read it and loved it. Honestly, I feel like that’s so common (someone loving and recommending a book) that I just never follow through on reading them.
    Perhaps I should change that, eh?

  3. So gonna put that on my list. And yes, God has totally led me to titles before. And sometimes, titles I had on my shelf someone gave me, but in His timing I read them right as they meant something…strange.

    I have Believing God by Beth Moore that I bought Labor Day weekend, feeling that it was time for one of her books. I prayed about finding the right one and 1 chapter in and I so sure He led me right to this book!

    HOpe you share some of your journey with me!

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