Lablah Day Weekend

Yesterday was the blah-est day I’ve had in a long time.  Three out of four of us were under the weather – on a rainy day too – so we just laid around the house all day.  Max was the only one who was healthy.  While I rested on the couch holding Mini (who has a stuffy nose) he called Nana and talked to her for thirty minutes (thanks, Nana).  And for a bonus, he got some much-needed exercise while talking – oh, he’s such a pacer.  He paced back and forth and walked a hundred laps around the coffee table as he talked.

I totally can’t see him working a desk job when he grows up.

The conversation was so funny.  He told Nana that Daddy was sick, Mommy was sick, Mini was sick, and, not wanting to feel left out, he was kinda sick too.  He had yucky stuff in his throat.  You see, he had blown a dandelion [a few years ago] and, as he described it, “he had a bad idea.”  He put part of the dandelion in his mouth and swallowed it.  Therefore, he has “yucky stuff in his throat like he always does.”

That story cheered me up.  I love the way he sees things.

Also, he tattled on his father about something he did a long, long time ago.  He told Nana that “her son smoked a cigarette one time and that he was punished for it by throwing up on his teenager friend who gave it to him.”

I’m not sure that Nana ever heard this story before and I could hear her giggling over the phone, which made me laugh so hard.  Laughter is the best medicine.  I was suddenly feeling so much better.

Unfortunately, being sick yesterday put a wrench in our plans to get away this weekend to visit good friends.  Since Mike stayed home he couldn’t address some work problems that came up and, even though he’s feeling much better now (as am I), he’s now spending a gorgeous Saturday at the office.



7 thoughts on “Lablah Day Weekend

  1. Total blah! I love listening to my 4.5 yr old tell me stories about things that happened when he was two, or three. Things from two and a half years ago that somehow actually burned themselves into his memory. A few times a month we talk about a “fire” we had in an old apartment. (Grease fire on stove) We talk about all the smoke, and running out of the apartment. He always asks why we didn’t call the fire department and I always tell him that papa put the fire out. He talks about the smoke alarm and then talks about how Elmo is scared of fire (You can ask episode that is free on iTunes).

    Or there are the conversations about toys we gave away a year and a half ago but I guess he’s not done grieving. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Feeling your blah pain. After our first FOUR days of preschool….. I spent Friday (first of my FOUR day weekend) in the doctors office because I woke up at 6:00 (on my first day off for a 4 day weekend, I mentioned that already right) with a very very very sore throat. It took those germy munchkins FOUR days to give me strep throat. Welcome back to school!

    Ugh…. So here I sit all drugged up feeling yuckier than yesterday in isolation from the world since I may still be contagious. I did mention this is my FOUR day weekend, right?!


  3. Well at least you guys are feeling better today! Feeling under the weather is NO fun! =( Hopefully you guys can enjoy the weekend doing other things! If it makes you feel any better I’m spending mine doing homework for the first day of school on Tuesday! yuck!!!

  4. So sorry to hear y’all are blah. I was lookign forward to meeting your wonderful family. Becky talks about you all of the time and I LOVE your blog. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  5. So sorry to hear y’all are blah. I was looking forward to meeting your wonderful family. Becky talks about you all of the time and I LOVE your blog. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

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