First of all, thanks for praying for Beverly‘s surgery (you can click there to see pictures of her).  A group email was sent from my friend with the news that the cancer is not likely in the lymph nodes (at first glance).  More testing will be done, but this is hopeful news.

And, I found out that I was wrong about her age – she is 30, not 25, so I wanted to correct my mistake.  Still, it’s way too young.


Our appointment with our social worker went well today and, just as I thought, it was hard to close this chapter – she’s such a big part of both of our adoption stories and I always looked forward to her visits.

It’s because she is so complimentary of every single thing we ever say or do.  She will interrupt herself mid-sentence and just say “isn’t he smart? isn’t she precious? isn’t your home lovely?”  I’m addicted to her niceness.  I may need a 12-step recovery plan to move on with my life.

Mrs. Sally was so appreciative of the gifts and box of homemade cookies.  She loved the bow that tied the box closed more than anything else, I think (LOL – me too!)

She came bearing gifts for M & M too, which was so thoughtful.  For Max, a few Thomas books and Mini received her very first Princess book.  Ah, books about Princesses.  It has begun!

I am so excited that we are nearing the end of our adoption finalization! Once the report is sent to our agency in Colorado and they make their official approval of the post-placement, we can file a Petition for Adoption in Maryland.

We retained an attorney months ago to do this for us and I am so glad.  The thought of pulling out all our documents, making copies for the trillionth time, and sending things in any kind of 10×13 envelope makes me want to poke myself in the eye with that little metal clasp.

Not that it wasn’t worth every bit of tortue I endured without a copy/scan/fax machine here at home which required many trips to Office Depot.  But YAY! NO MORE PAPERWORK! (until tax season, that is)


One thought on “Update

  1. I’m glad to hear that the visit went well and that you are all one step closer to “officially” adopting Mini! =) Praise be to God that things are looking good with Beverly!

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