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The Lost Blog Posts

At some point I was going to write entertaining blog posts about all of the following pictures.  Trust me, I was.

I was going to tell you about my (are you sitting down) tomato plant.

This is the FIRST tomato I have grown.  I’m mighty proud of that accomplishment.  Honestly, I didn’t do anything but water it (thanks to Zeena who gave me the plant, in a pot, plus she staked it for me.) But still.  MY FIRST TOMATO, EVERYONE!

Next picture, please.

I thought about blogging about how Shanda helped me climb my way out of my “yuck, I have to cook again?” rut that I’ve found myself in lately.  She came armed with tons of favorite, easy recipes for weeknight meals.  We, and by that I mean she, made Stromboli, Chicken Teriyaki stir fry, Mexican Chicken “stuff”, and The Big Sandwich.  All four dinners were delicious and will be making their way into our weeknight rotation.

Speaking of Shanda’s visit, on the night that we went out to Chuck E. Cheese, she taught Max the word “gambling” by pure accident (that boy’s hearing is amazing) but he thought the definition meant “winning.”

Whenever he saw someone win a bunch of tickets from one of the games, he cheered for them and (with MUCH EXCITEMENT AND FANFARE) told me, from across the restaurant, that they were GAMBLING!! Then he ran back to the table asking for more tokens so he could GAMBLE, too!  It was funny…but, help.

And finally, I was going to show you this

Her hair, oh my goodness.  It continues to grow…up, not out.  It’s got personality and I love it.  However, I have to laugh at the shirt she is wearing.  Can you read what it says?

She doesn’t seem amused.

Have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “The Lost Blog Posts

  1. I hate that… i have so many “going to blog this” photos and posts sitting in a folder. These are sad times, when the life takes over our blogging obligations…

  2. Congrats on your first tomato!! =) Don’tcha just hate it when the kids learn something the incorrect way and it’s so hard to get them to understand the correct way/meaning!? =\ p.s. I love Mini’s hair!

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