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Hair, Hair, Hair, That’s All She Talks About Anymore

Oooh, you are so nice – thanks for the comments yesterday and for making me smile all day long.  I’m still feeling zingy about the shortness and the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner.  Because, looking back at not-so-distant past pictures, I am noticing a puff in my hair that I did not know existed.  But enough about my hair, let’s talk about something else.

Which reminds me, you should totally go back to my last post and read my own comment about how I now fix my hair in the morning.  Because that is pertinent information to know.  Jen asked me to expound on my definition of the word easy, as I used it in describing this hairstyle.  I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but if you are thinking of going shorter, this is a must-read.

Have your hair questions thoroughly answered at Sincerely Anna, I’m here to help.

Now let’s switch topics suddenly (I do this in real life all the time) to Max, who could care less about my hair right now but is very attentive about his own appearance.  Shanda reminded me to tell you all about the story about him wearing his tie.

That’s a new tie for him that Nana found in her closet two weekends ago when both M & M stayed with her and Pops (lalalala – singing praises for grandparents! I love you guys) and he was all set to wear it to Chuck E. Cheese one night.  Orange shirt, orange tie.  Perfect.

That is part of what’s funny about the story, but really the most hilarious part is the reason he gave Shanda for why he was wearing a tie to Chuck E. Cheese.

It was, in his words, “so all the girls would fall in love with me.”

Shanda laughed so hard and then the next day she asked him if the girls in the playground at McDonald’s were going to fall in love with him, too.

To which he answered, “of course not, I don’t have my tie on”

On Sunday, as expected, he did have his tie on.

I took this picture before we left for church in the morning.  It appears that he is ready for action.

How you doin?

It looks like Daddy had a little talk with him about that and Mini is taking notes.


6 thoughts on “Hair, Hair, Hair, That’s All She Talks About Anymore

  1. The orange tie is especially nice when worn on the INSIDE of the shirt…Max’s own personal style apparently. Make sure to ask Nana about the tie getting “wet” at their house when she gave it to him.

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