The Hair

Oh good, I’m so glad you asked me to talk about this new haircut.  I went from this:

To this:

In one single moment of impulsiveness.

I always give my stylist (of 14 years) the same line, “just keep me up-to-date” but this time I added the words “and a little shorter”.  Man, those scissors were a-flying!  She thinned out my bangs, too, and that made me really nervous.  My heart was racing but I was trying to be brave and nonchalant and act like I do this kind of thing all the time.  But when she swiveled me around to see myself in the mirror, I liked it.  I felt like a new me.

Mike was a little surprised when I came home with short hair but I liked his initial reaction and I’ve only asked him four hundred times if he’s sure he likes it.  Husbands love that.

It’s easy to style and I feel zingy.  Well, in a 30-something zingy sort of way.


27 thoughts on “The Hair

  1. HeeHee…I know you’re LOVING these comments, and I must say I agree. Very Cute, and thanks for the before and after (I didn’t think it would be hard for us to convince you to show it off). ZingZing!!

  2. I LOVE it, and it’s much easier to see in these pics. (All I could see in that other one was Mini!) I’ve been thinking about going short – decided that I was going to do it, then figured out that I am about a half inch from being able to donate to Locks Of Love…so I think I’ll give it another month or two. Tell me though – really, you said it is easy to style – define easy, please! Do you mean easy, as in “do nothing” or easy as in must blow dry while whirling a brush and hanging upside down?

  3. I didn’t know your hair was that long now! Growing it out for Locks of Love is really cool.
    To answer your question, on the easy scale it’s about a Pretty Easy, not an Extremely Easy. For my hair type (straight and flat), I need some volumizing product but with this shorter do I don’t need to spend a whole lot of time on blow drying it section by section with a round brush or using any kind of iron. I’m glad those days are over.

    After a few squirts of volumizing spray at the roots, I blow dry my hair, without a brush but running my fingers through it in a swishy way. When it’s dry I put some texturizer (I use Umberto) on the ends and then smooth it and style with a brush, then spray with Sebastian hairspray, which is the best. Then I tuck the sides behind my ears and go.

    Maybe 5-6 minutes top.

  4. Oh, thanks! I must just say that I didn’t purposely grow it out for LfL; it just sort of happened. I started growing it for my sister’s wedding (two years ago), then I just decided to keep it long for a while, and then I remembered that it’s easy when it’s long (I mean wash it and put it up easy and easy on the schedule, ’cause I don’t have to get it cut every 6 weeks easy)…so this is where I’m at. Now if I can just figure out how to get it cut often, I’ll be good to go short!

    Thanks again for the answer – very encouraging!

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