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Think Outside The Bus

When we told Max that we were going to homeschool next year instead of sending him to Kindergarten, he said it would be okay with him as long as he could ride the big, yellow school bus everyday.

I mentioned that it might be hard to arrange a bus ride from his bedroom to the kitchen, but I’d see what I could do.

Thanks to a friend, I found out that the big, yellow school buses, also known as the coolest ride in town, ran a free shuttle service from the mall parking lot to the entrance of the County Fair this week.

Look at me, Mrs. Think Outside the Box Mom.  I can’t give him what he thinks he wants but I CAN give him what I know he wants.  And what he really wants is a single bus ride plus nachos, cotton candy, ice-cream, funnel cake, and Sprite.

What a creative mom I am.

Thank you.

(we did have a GREAT day at the fair today and I’ll post more pictures tomorrow)


4 thoughts on “Think Outside The Bus

  1. So cute! I also homeschool and we are starting into our 7th year. My kids would love to snag a ride on the bus. I have never figured out a way to get them one like you did;) a few of my kids go out each morning to the bus stop just to hang with their friends and watch them get on the bus. The bus stop is just accross the street from our house. I used to have a fear that my daughter would one day get on and ride away with the other kids but it has never happened. As the kids get older, they no longer want a ride on the bus. They enjoy the fact that they can sleep later than all the other kids going to school!

  2. You are creative and that’s so funny. Teaching preschool, I hear that as spring arrives and we begin to discuss Kindergarten. The #1 thing they want to do is RIDE THE BUS!!! If I am so lucky as to get to talk with them after school starts again, and I do try, they tell me before anything else …. about the excitement of the bus!! So funny what that means to little ones. Of course I also talk to Mom’s who were crazy with nerves & frustration and IF they decided to let little bit ride the bus, often they were right there behind ‘Big Yellow’ in their own mini van… following along “just in case”! So funny, I love it!!

  3. Way to think outside the bus! That’s Caleb’s excitement about Kinder…riding that school bus! It’s so cool when you are little, but then when you are a teenager – so not cool to ride the bus!

  4. Rock on. Good for you, mama!

    Two years ago, when my oldest would have been entering Kindergarten, we had our first Homeschool Kick-off Day.

    We got up in time to “catch the bus”, complete with eating a bad breakfast in a hurry. We followed the school bus to school, where my 5 y.o. watched the hordes of children filling the building. He was HORRIFIED at the crowds ( he does NOT like crowds!).

    Then we went and did all sorts of fun things. When the bus returned that afternoon at 4:20, we were eating popcorn in front of a National Geographic movie (a fave of his). I pointed out the children disembarking and he was astonished that they were only just getting home.

    Oh, and for those looking for a bus ride for little ones, have you tried your local city bus? I’ve taken my boys on public transportation several times. It seems to satisfy their desire. Especially since the city bus goes to places MUCH more fun than school. 😉

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