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All Is Fair

Waiting is line is really hard when you are at any age, but when you are 5 years old it is torture.

Especially when you’ve waited for the bus to arrive…

Waited for the bus to load up and go…

And waited for your turn to do this…

This is the first thing he wanted to do at the fair.  Just wanted to walk across the Boy Scouts rope bridge.  Max was so excited about doing this but it required waiting. in. line.

Not easy to do at all.

Can you tell he’s a little bored?

Patience paid off, though.  He got up to the top and said “this is going to be a blast!” then told the man that he was Indiana Jones.  I guess all that waiting was good for his imagination.

After the rope bridge, we walked down with our friends to The Big Cheese for some more waiting for lunch.  The 8 year olds behind the counter were a little slow in their service.  But still.  Mmmm, cheese.

Say cheese!

This is Faith and Kate, my best friends.  They’ve put up with my cheesiness for over a decade.  We were having so much fun.  It was a little windy at the fair.  Not cold, though.  It was sunny and warm, about 82 degrees.  Am I rambling?  Oh well.  What was I saying?  Oh yeah – speaking of hair, do you notice something different about me?  I got a new haircut.

(hey, how’d that picture get in here? okay, I just wanted to show you my new haircut with less wind.  I got it cut on Saturday and it’s taking me some getting used to but I like it.  More importantly, though, doesn’t Mini look cute in her Arkansas outfit?)

Back to the fair.

After lunch, we were off to see the decorated toilets.

You know, just another exhibit at the fair.

Max had a special interest in the toilets, actually.  See, he’s been designing his own as of late.

Say what, you ask?  Take a look.

The seat goes up and down, too.

Maybe he’ll earn one of those blue ribbons at the fair someday.  When he’s old enough to enter.

If he can wait.


10 thoughts on “All Is Fair

  1. OK, I can’t see the hair good enough. It looks really short and cute, but you need to put another picture up, so I can see the whole creation….maybe a before and after.

  2. Patience is a virtue. lol. Glad you guys had a fun time with friends! I love the new shorter do! Mini looks adorable as always! 🙂

  3. OK. Lets try this again…. (BIG GASP OF AIR…) OMG OMG OMG OMG! Get my MINI out of that Arkansas business! U OF I! I-L-L-…I-N-I… U OF I!

  4. I do agree that Mini looks pretty in pink but I don’t think pigs are her thing. Orange and blue are better colors for her!! GO ILLINI!!! By the way, where are the pics of the Illinois gear?????

  5. Oh! The fair! That is definitely way up top on my “favorite things about living in Maryland” list. Such GREAT memories. Good to see Kate in a pic. Tell her hi!

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