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Family Ties, Facts of Life, and Homeschool Growing Pains

Family Ties

Max has been begging us to buy a shirt and tie for him to wear to church.  Where does he get this idea that a tie would be fun?  Certainly not from his dad (and he would nod about that).  Software dudes don’t wear ties.  They barely wear shoes.  Certainly guitar players don’t.

At our church, everyone is casual.  We meet in a school and the a/c has been broken all summer (nice!) so there is not a tie to be seen in a mile of lockers.

Except there is one kid in Max’s Sunday School class.  I love this kid because he is hilarious like Max and does his own thing.  He wears a dress shirt and tie almost every Sunday.  Max thinks that is very cool.

We were planning all along to give Max his tie and allow him to be the second Alex P. Keaton at church.  We thought we’d surprise him with it for his birthday, though, which is about six weeks away.

But today, during a trip to Wal-Mart, Max stopped dead cold in his tracks and said, “LOOK Mom!  Ties!”

I mean, how could I resist that excitement?

I had to buy one for him on the spot.  We looked and looked for a size 4/5 and found a shirt and tie combo that was perfect.

I just want you to know that I had nothing to do with his poses for any of these pictures.  They are true representations of his level of enthusiasm and grown-upness.  He is hysterical.

The tie gives him a boost of self-confidence.  Seeing this hand towel gives me a boost of interior design shame.  1996 called and wants its bridal registry item back.

I have to admit, I got a tiny little lump in my throat when I was buttoning up his shirt and clipping on his tie as he patiently waited.  My little man.


Facts of Life

Speaking of man…and woman…a few days ago Max asked me how babies are born (like specifically how they are born).  He asked this in the middle of Home Depot while an employee was leading me to air filters.  “Be ready for it,” they say.  Ha!

Homeschool Growing Pains.

We officially started the kindergarten year a little early because, well, why not?  We’ll be taking some breaks in August and September for various things (Shanda is coming! We’re going to the beach!) so I thought we’d go ahead and get started.  I’ll probably be writing about our homeschooling adventures this year – at this point I’m totally on fire about it.  At least I was earlier today.

Tonight, however, Max tried to convince me that his left was his right and vice versa as we were sitting across from each other.  He was adamant about it to the point of tears.  I tried to teach him about mirror imaging but he can’t grasp that yet so I shrugged it off.  But he wanted to continue.  I told him to “trust me, I know this stuff”.  He said I was making him “completely frustrated!”

What was that all about?

Someone is trying to grow up way too fast.


18 thoughts on “Family Ties, Facts of Life, and Homeschool Growing Pains

  1. I cant sleep worth a darn tonight and just spent some time meandoring through your old posts. I read, like, every single one from start to end, of Mini’s adoption. All those bitter sweet feelings came flooding back and I couldnt help but smile, and I remember all those special moments we shared, like it was yesterday. And then I realized how much I miss you. I’ve been keeping myself so busy latley, that I haven’t taken any time to just sit, think, and feel. I feel happiness and unending gratitude to the Lord, for He knew what he was doing with this adoption. I see now, more than even before, how amazing my life is, because of this adoption. I have a new family, a little girl who loves me and I get to still be a kid. I get to still take my time growing up. Some days, its still a very surreal feeling to me. And after looking at pictures of Mini, its hard to believe how much time has gone by and how big she is getting. And I was just remembering. A few days after you received the very first picture of me, you told me you loved my smile and hoped the baby would have my smile. I remembered this after you told me that Mini has my lips. 🙂 Well, after writing a book, I guess I just wanted to say I love you. And thank you. For everything you’ve done and continue to do, for me and Mini.


  2. Awwwww…..I don’t normally read many of the comments. Its a rare thing. But today I glanced down after reading this post and saw that wonderful comment from A. I feel totally blessed to have been able to share that. She really seems like a wonderful and amazing person and I’m so glad that you have such a great birth mother for Mini.

  3. Oh me oh my! He is adorable! Sooooooooooooooooooo handsome.
    I, too, am thankful for A. I think of her often and thank God for her (and J) and the gift of life they gave. She rocks in my book!!!! 🙂

  4. Max looks ADORABLE in his shirt and tie! I love that you referred to him as Alex P. Keaton. That is hilarious.

  5. My little man likes to dress up too – and until the recent purchase of an outfit for my brother’s wedding, he had no idea what a tie was. It cracks me up how much he likes to “look nice.” I had to hide the tie until the wedding is over!

    Can’t wait to read more about the homeschooling!

  6. Caleb went through a shirt/tie phase too!! Except he only wanted to wear his shirt/tie with soccer shorts.

    My heart swelled with joy for you when I read A’s comment. You are blessed my friend!!

  7. The world could use another Alex P. Keaton or two. While I was captivated by Justine Bateman then (and ADORE Jason now), she scares me a little now.

    I love how those questions (ahem) just pop out in the oddest (and most public) places!

  8. Oh my goodness! Max looks so adorable in his shirt and tie. Wow. He looks so much older and wiser, too! It’s amazing how our little boys are turning into big boys, huh? I think becoming a big brother makes it happen (or seem to happen) so much faster.

  9. Oh I love the ties! Oh my goodness…how do you even stand it???

    We began school a few weeks ago too…first with math, then handwriting, then phonics tomorrow 🙂 Slowly building up to it all! K is loving it and so excited. She wants to kepe going all day and I need a break.

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