New Mexico Flooding

You know my grandpa that I told you about?  Well, he lives in Ruidoso, NM where Dolly’s rains poured down and caused disastrous flooding over the weekend.

Thank God my grandpa was safe (and my aunt and uncle who live nearby, as well) but this picture right here is of the bridge that leads to his house.  It was completely washed out on Monday.

But tragedy has struck, many are still awaiting rescue, and the community is rebuilding.  Thanks for praying for them.


6 thoughts on “New Mexico Flooding

  1. I’m glad he’s fine. Hope his beautiful yard/garden didn’t suffer too badly… As busy and handy as he is, I wonder if he’s involved in any of the rescue/clean up work himself?

  2. OMG I didn’t realize your Grandpa was so close to my HOME! I’m originally from El Paso, Texas! 🙂 I still keep up with El Paso news and I’ve been reading about the hit that Ruidoso took from Dolly. I’m glad that your family is safe. I’ll make sure to keep them in my prayers. 🙂

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