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His Groupie

Look what instrument was discovered in the baby stuff – back for encore performances on the main stages all around our house.

Mini: “Bravo.  He’s pretty good. I’m pleased with his talent.”

Mommy: “Yes, I’ll take two.  Extra-strength, please”


As you can see, Mini’s starting to sit up on her own and she’s VERY excited!

And she does not want to go back to her old reclining ways.  We thought it was pretty funny that she sat like this in her bouncy seat for about 15 minutes.  She was so happy with her new view!

P.S. Hey – I added a picture of my garden here!


6 thoughts on “His Groupie

  1. Ahh gotta love those musical instruments, right? LOL. I want my son to be a band geek like I was so I encourage the musical instruments even though it pratically drives me crazy while I try reading my law school casebooks! *sigh* I’ve resorted to getting ear plugs–kid you not! It helps minimize the sound when I’m trying to read. 🙂 And Mini is growing so fast…soon she’ll be all over the place! p.s. I love your garden picture! 🙂

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