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And I Also Love This

For my sweet Mini (thanks for the idea, Monica!)

I love the way you go from this expression

to this one

in a matter of a second.  You make everyone giggle and I hear lots of “just wait until she’s a teenager!” You won’t look at me like that when you’re a teenager, right baby?


I love that you entertain yourself for a few minutes in the morning.  Daddy thanks you I thank you for giving Mommy some needed beauty sleep.  You’ve figured out how to turn on the musical aquarium toy that hangs on the side of your crib and play with the knobby things with your toes. It’s really funny.

Sidenote: I have zero fine motor skills in my toes.  Then again, I have freakish toes that are completely lazy and worthless. But I’m wondering, do any of you have “working” toes?

Moving on.


I love that you are showing signs of a healthy self-image.  Experts say It’s never too early for the positive self-talk.

“I look mahvelous”


Lately I’ve loved that you and I have had some alone time together.  Last week when Max was at Sports Camp we spent four mornings in a row at Panera (followed by a trip to WAIT! WAIT! Target and The Big Baby Store).  We had some good talks, didn’t we?


I love how you smile at me and that you have one or two times per day when you giggle at everything.  I love waiting for those times, always anticipating them!


I’m not loving the fact that you are starting to fuss everytime I leave your sight, but I know that’s a good thing, so I’m going to say I do love it.  I love being your mommy.  That’s the understatement of the year.

I’m so in love with you.

And about giving me those looks when you’re a teenager?  Can’t say I didn’t see it coming.


8 thoughts on “And I Also Love This

  1. Oh ha ha – that last photograph is just precious – she is definitely going to show you that face when you tell her for the fifth time in a row that “no, you cannot borrow the car tonight”!!

  2. Cute pics!

    I do a lot with my feet and toes! My kids think that you should close bottom kitchen drawers with your feet and will actually stand up to do so. It cracks me up. Should I tell them their future spouses will think they are so weird or just let them figure it out on their own? 🙂

  3. More than the photos (i love the photos too) I like the fact that you write such nice stuff about your kids. I’m sure a lot of (all?) mothers FEEL that way, but they either don’t care to express it, or they can’t do it si beautifully.

  4. The suggestion was purely selfish to see cutey pics of her and hear her fun quirks too. She is such a cutie and that last expression is the cutest thing. Everyone is right, you can sure picture that one on her sweet little teenage face.

    Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!

  5. Mini is showng definant signs of A’s personality!!! A loves to look in the mirror and give herself positive notes. “Oh my hair looks fabulous today!” “I just love this outfit!” If Mini grows up to have the exact personality as A, then you’re in for a real treat! (I meant that in a good way!)

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