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You Know What I Love?

I love that Max hasn’t outgrown his Monster Claws phase yet.  Sometimes when we’re in the same room together I’ll just look over at him and say hello in Monster Claw.  He says hello back in Monster Claw.  We communicate love this way.


I love that he likes to make things for our neighbors and delivers them to their door.  He always has to travel by scooter to get there.

(This picture shows a recent delivery.  Max wrote his name on a piece of paper and used a roll of Scotch tape to secure it to a stick.  It was a flag for our neighbor’s garden.  I’m sure that’s exactly what they wanted!)

I love that Max still calls himself a “bug explorer”.  Actually he says it like this, “Did you know that I’m a bug explorer? That’s my work.”  Even if there are work-related injuries associated with said profession (see band-aid in first picture.  He’s getting a brand new fingernail, though).

I hated bugs before Max came into my life.  But today I stared in wonder at a dragonfly on our window screen.

Yet, I still prefer the paper kind of bugs best.


I love that Max is showing an interest in sounding out words, which is a brand new thing. He is not super enthusiastic about learning how to read on his own.  But his confidence is building.

His writing has come a long way, too.  Especially when he gets in some extra practice.


I love his silly side

I love his tender side.

I love his investigative side

And his “helpful” side


Yep, I’m enjoying my Max this summer.

That’s what I love.


11 thoughts on “You Know What I Love?

  1. Max is so adorable and I think you are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have you! It looks like he has fun on those little adventures that he takes!

  2. What a great post. He’s adorable and I LOVE what he’s having to practice writing, oops! 🙂 That’s sweet and now I await the “What you love” on Mini!! (Hint, Hint)

    I also looked up the book you mentioned and added it to my “must read” list. Thanks!!

  3. I love Max and I’ve never even met him! He’s adorable in every single way imaginable. Glad you’re enjoying him (and Mini) this summer!

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