Parents Overnight

Did I ever tell you that the first night I became a mom, I put Max in his car seat for the night (ha!) on the floor next to my side of the bed in the hotel room?  I had never taken care of a newborn before that night and although I was nervous, I was exhausted and fell into a deep snooze right away.  But when he woke me up and frightened the tar out of me 2 hours later I shot out of bed, swung my legs over to the floor, and stepped right on top of him.

That’s right.  Stepped on my newborn son.

I lacked what some might call experience.

It does a mother good to share stories like this, in hopes that someone out there would not make the same mistake I did.  I suppose not too many new parents put their babies in car seats instead of a bassinet unless you’re adopting and staying in a hotel room and you have no clue as to how to assemble the pack-n-play late at night, but you never know.  That kind of story could be useful.

Parents Overnight is a new parenting site that has all kinds of useful tips for new parents.  From advice on caring for your new bundle of (wailing) joy to picking out the perfect name, it’s a place to go to learn and to share.  You can set up a profile in their online community and meet other parents in the same journey, which is really great when you’re all up at 3 a.m. together.

It’s also a place that promotes blogging and on their site’s own blog, they wrote reviews of two blogs I know well, Fiddledeedee (love, love, love DeeDee) and Sincerely Anna (click here to read the review of my blog).

I’m grateful for their kind, affirming words and it makes me feel pretty good to be featured on their site.  If you’re here from Parents Overnight, I want to say hi and thank you for coming over.

And thank you for forgiving me for stepping on my child.  I’ll try not to do it again, but no promises.  I’m a very deep sleeper.

Link to the review

Click here if you want to read the review

Can you tell I want you to read the review?  LOL


20 thoughts on “Parents Overnight

  1. That’s awsome! Very cool, and while I agree with what they said about you and your writing, I’m disappointed there was no mention of the truly inspired and intelligent responses given by your readers. Oh well. Congrats to you, though.

  2. Jim – you’re absolutely right! How could we have possibly forgotten all of the great readers and responses here on Anna’s blog?!

    Look for an update to the review later on today!

  3. Did I mention how great the people are at ParentsOvernight? Well, they’re the best!
    I hope that was enough to keep me out of trouble.

  4. I mean this as a compliment…really…I think you fit in well over at Parent’s Overnight. “-) Love the car seat story. I have a friend who’s little boy slept in his car seat for the first 2 months of his life. He wouldn’t fall asleep anywhere else so they just put the car seat in the crib!

  5. OOOh Congrats on being “featured!” I’m sure all first time parents go through some learning pains! LOL.

  6. Hey guys! Just in case anyone was trying to read Anna’s review, you may have noticed that our site was down for a bit. Gotta love when your host/server crashes!

    Anyway, take a look and enjoy! Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. How exciting, Anna! And how funny about the carseat. I’ve heard of people letting their kids sleep in their carriers b/c that’s the only place they would settle. So you’re not the first. As for the stepping on the baby in the night, well, that MAY be the first! LOL. Isn’t it cool to look back and see how far we’ve come?

  8. I clicked on your review (yea for you) and agree with their assessment whole heartedly.

    Parents Overnight seems like it will be very helpful–since these little ones don’t seem to have any care instructions sewn on their tag. 🙂

  9. How cool is that?! What a great review. You must have been tickled pink. I’m very excited for you.

    And I do wholeheartedly agree – you’re blog is a great read!

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