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5 Months

I can’t find the words to write what I want to.  I’ve started three different posts about Mini and I can’t make it through a single one.  My goal was not to write a post that would make you cry but the fact is, I’m so emotional tonight.  Mike’s away on business and I miss him.

I’m feeling incredibly thankful and undeserving of how God has blessed me.  I went back to posts I wrote in Feb to read my own words about our adoption story.  So many things came flooding back to me.  Sometimes I was like “did I say that? did I feel that way?  I didn’t remember that!”

This month has felt like the fog of sleep deprivation lifted and I could really enjoy Mini every single day.  Not that I didn’t love and adore her from the beginning.  Oh, I did.  But now that she and I are in a good groove, I’ve totally and completely fallen head over heels in love with her.  I just can’t believe how good the Lord has been to me.  After feeling like He took so much away from me last year, I’m feeling the exact opposite this year.  He’s given to me so abundantly that I get choked up as I make a mental list of my blessings.  That’s so like Him, isn’t it?

Today I was thinking a lot about Steven Curtis Chapman and his family.  God certainly took away from them something very, very precious.   With you, I’m grieving the loss of Maria and I’m obsessive about keeping up with their manager’s blog to see how they’re coping.

SCC’s music has played a major role in my Christian walk – God has used his songs to shape many of my beliefs, in fact.  I’ve been a fan since 1987.  Yes, with an 8, when his tapes were bright blue and so was my mascara.  Since 7th grade I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen him in concert or stood in line for his autograph.  I don’t know him personally but it seems that he writes songs with an authentic heart, always wanting and accepting God’s Will and clinging to God’s Word even in the most difficult of times.

We know where Maria is and she is dancing, as her daddy here on Earth wrote in his popular song, Cinderella.  I don’t know how he’s been able to get back on his tour and sing that song every night, but God has given him the strength to do so.  I listened to it in the car today and I couldn’t even get through the first verse.  I want to enjoy every dance God gives me with the little girl He has entrusted to me.

That’s what’s on my heart tonight.

And now, the pics.  I can’t decide which are the best ones so you get to see them all tonight.  I get a kick out of how her photo shoots tell a story.  This one is about wardrobe malfunctions- hee hee.

Take a quick peek at how she’s grown – click here


13 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. I know what you mean. His song, “Cinderella” has been on my iPod since the day my Dad bought his CD for my Mom. Funny things is, I also listened to that song in the car today, and I also couldn’t make it through. Even before Maria’s accident, I always got teary eyed everytime I heard it. I always think of Mini when I hear it. Funny how you and I are so alike.

  2. Oh, Anna – I am so thankful that you have allowed us on this journey with you. We’ve watched you struggle, but never waiver in your belief of who God is and what He can do.

    I have loved ‘watching’ the seasons of your life switch from such a hard place to such a sweet one. I pray that our God would do the same for SCC.

  3. I love watching your little girl grow! I have a little girl that was born two weeks before Mini. I couldn’t stop looking at her with amazement as I was nursing her this morning before I left for work. God has blessed me with this little girl and I make a conscious effort to appreciate that every single day.

  4. It almost looks like she saying, “Ta Da”!!!! Mini has been growing up o fast and I am very glad that You, Mike and Max are the ones that she gets to share her life with. Thank you for being such a great mom, Anna. I love you dearly!

  5. It is such a joy to visit your blog every day to keep up with you guys. You are such an incredible writer. I thank God every day for you, Mike, and Max. You were chosen by more than A to be Mini’s family.

    Now, about the pictures….after taking A to have her senior pictures taken last week, I must tell you that Mini’s poses are in the genes!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this – I can totally relate. And I don’t think I’ve every told you this but that Mini girl is so so so precious! 🙂 It looks like she’s going to be crawling in no time! I love her smiley face and her laugh.

  7. She is so stinkin’ cute I can hardly stand it!!!

    And me too – checking the manager’s blog compulsively, though I wasn’t ready to admit that until you did – teehee!

    And me too – huge fan since 1988, I got there a year late. 😉 There was a few years where I didn’t listen much, but I do so like to hear his heart for God and for adoption!

    Handsome’s been working bunches – wouldn’t it be cool if we could get together while we are sans husbands!?

  8. My heart absolutely broke in two when I heard about the accident. I am sitting here crying all over again, and that song is not helping!

    Mini is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart and the cute pictures!

  9. All the pictures are beautiful! God is so great and I’m glad that you have been showered this year particularly with blessings after having a rough last year! Happy 5 months Beautiful Mini!

  10. She’s a doll and so are you. I remember that fog-lifting feeling with Bean so well. I have pictures of the two of us together and you can almost SEE the transformation before your eyes.

    Hugs to the Mama and the baby girl.

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