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5 Months And Already Grounded

Tomorrow Mini will turn 5 months and, as usual, I’m thinking about her big photo shoot.  I love taking these pictures so every month I can see how much she’s grown, but really I just love to show off her cute outfits to you 🙂

It’s so fun dressing up a girl.  I’m just tickled to go in her room and put her down on the changing table (er, desk, as you recall), turn around to open the closet door, and just stare at all the clothes hanging on their little hangers. Talking to her all the while, keeping my arm extended so that the tips of my fingers are touching her belly, she doesn’t move except for kicking her cute, chubby legs or flapping her arms.  So I linger over the choices for another minute.

That was yesterday and this is today.  Now, she is moving all over the place and rolling over as soon as she is put down.  Goodbye days of leaving her on the changing table.  In fact, goodbye changing table.  She’s being grounded.

She doesn’t seem to mind.  All she wants to do is move, move, move.  I had a time trying to put a diaper on her today!  In fact, while I was trying to wrangle her she peed (oops, I mean tinkle) all over both of us before I could put the diaper on.  It made me laugh and, since she was good to go in that area, I decided to put her down in the buff then grab my camera for some naked baby shots.

A diaper isn’t as much fun but yay for me on getting the thing on!

I’m going to try to get a dress on her by tomorrow for her big day – see you then!


2 thoughts on “5 Months And Already Grounded

  1. Haha I love her expression in the second picture! Of course her smile in the first picture is just as beautiful as always!

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