iPhone Family “Project”

Hey – I need to brag about my friend Sarah‘s family “project”.  She’s a mom of 6 (ages 12 down to 2) in Colorado and she homeschools them.  AND cooks three meals a day for them.  Everyday.  She has superpowers.  In her “spare time” she and her husband started up a little company called Gala Factory Software.

You may remember the Dudney family from our adoption story.  They are long-time close friends of ours and they opened up their home to us in beautiful Breckenridge right after Mini was born.  We stayed with them for five days and six sleepless nights.

Well, back then I (kinda) remember them talking in exclamation points about Apple this and Apple that! iPhone this, iPhone that!  Of course, Bill is always talking in exclamation points.

I had no idea what language they were speaking but they were all pretty excited about whatever they were saying, Mike included.  They are a Mac lovin’ family and during our time in their guest house, somehow the Dudneys converted us from our PC ways and I became a huge Mac fan as well.  I just remember updating my blog about Mini’s birth on one of their four or five badozen Macs and watching my stats go where my blog has never gone before (or since) and saying “wheeeeee! I love this Mac!”

I still don’t understand how they do it, but as a family “project” they (with the kids) have designed and programmed lots of games for the iPhone, which have gotten a bazillion hits and were rated really high by staff and consumers (Rated “really high”?  I’m great at researching my facts, huh?)

So, if you have an iPhone or iTouch, go check out the Dot Game

and Riddle Racer

and take a look at their website.  And she did all this as a family “project”.  Probably while cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner, nonetheless.  Yep, she has superpowers.


3 thoughts on “iPhone Family “Project”

  1. 🙂 Thank you, Anna! You are so funny. I got a comment on my blog about superpowers, and I didn’t understand what she was talking about until I came over here this morning. We are enjoying our project, although life has been crazy over here. I’m working with Andrew to try to get his game released soon. He is SO close all by himself. He is just 12, so he needs a little boost in the math department. I’m having to learn game physics and collision detection. I didn’t have a clue that they were needed until recently. Very fun. Thanks again for your post.

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