Mmm, All About Nothing

Oh, blog. I’ve put you on the back burner and I’m sorry (but not really).

The past few days I’ve been doing exactly what I should be doing – spending time with the three M’s (Mike, Max, and Mini) of my life and enjoying summer and a little time away from writing blog posts.

In the afternoons, the medium-sized M and the wee-little M took naps (yes, naps! at the same time!) so I could actually sit here and read my favorite blogs – something that I haven’t really done in big spurts since pre-little M times.  (can’t type BM for Before Mini and you know why.  But does it make you laugh anyway? BM? I’m laughing.)

Late at night, when I usually sit down and brag about my kids blog my thoughts, this week the Big M and I sat down on the couch to watch TV together.  He had some late night meetings this week so he came home and just wanted to veg in front of the TV and I joined him in his vegging.  We watched season 2 of The Unit, which was pretty good.  Scott Foley is mmmm a respectable actor.  We’ve both equally liked this series (even though Mike was suspicious why I added it to our Netflix queue given that it’s a show about a military special ops command).  No, Scott Foley had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Okay, mmmmmaybe just a little.


4 thoughts on “Mmm, All About Nothing

  1. I’ve not watched it in ages. I got behind (I only watch tv online) and back then CBS only kept one episode online at a time. Thats a really lame excuse b/c I am sure I could find it now if I looked for it on other sites but Yes, that is a dang good show.

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