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Mini Joys

Mini is 4 1/2 months old now and I took her for a check-up and a holy round of vaccines last week (yikes, I forgot about all those).  I got a babysitter (getting smarter over here! did I tell you that on a previous appt Max went for the needle?) This time, our morning at the pediatrician was nice and relaxed.

This was the one time that I didn’t mind waiting 20 minutes in their stark cold exam room with nothing to look at besides a poster of the inner ear.  Mini fell fast asleep in my arms and even though I’ve held her for four months now, this was a moment of sheer joy for me.

So I got out my camera, of course.

I don’t look so joyful in this picture, but I was.  I need highlights in my hair.  That would make me look more joyful, I bet.  Oh, and maybe some of that pretty on my face that Max suggested yesterday (not fishing for compliments, I promise).

Mini checked out to be in good health and meeting her developmental milestones right on time.  She now weighs a whopping 12 pounds 4 ounces and is 24 1/4 inches long (between 25th and 50th percentile) and I can start feeding her some rice cereal.

Okay! On my next trip to the grocery store I bought this brand, being the sucker for marketing that I am.  Something new! An Easy Pour Spout!  With a cap that screws on! For one hand! SOLD!

AND it has a catchy rhyme!  I appreciate a good rhyme on a product.

Our first time trying out the cereal was a real eye-opener.  We’ve always known that she’s loved her formula.  Goes after it like she’s been dying of thirst in the middle of the desert.  She kicks her feet and flaps her arms when I get out a bottle.  But I wasn’t sure how she’d like the cereal since it was something new and unfamiliar.

Ohhhhh! She loved every bite.

Yummmm, it was good.

Eating is going well and sleep is going well (for the most part – she wakes up because she’s lost her pacifier…a habit I’m willing to live with) but let’s talk about how she’s sleeping right now.  Since she’s rolling over, she has decided that this position is comfortable:

Hello?  Doesn’t she read any of the pamphlets?  She only did this for a few times so don’t worry.  I’m guessing it was a teething thing.

Drool City over here.

Also, Mini is now looking up at me when I call her name.  That’s really fun.

La la doot doot doot, playing, playing.

MINI….Mini?…Hi sweetie girl…

“Yes?  Someone called?”

Oh, hi!  It’s you, Mommy!

That smile…now that’s what I call joy!

Oh, and this too…


14 thoughts on “Mini Joys

  1. Oh! What a sweet girlie!!! We too head to the doc on Friday! We had shots on Monday, and we see the doc for the stats and such on Friday. I’m really excited to see how much he weighs!! On our home scale he is about 17 pounds! hee hee!! Your kiddos are lookin’ good! 😉 Keep it up Momma!

  2. she is doing so great! and of course she is…

    I don’t know. you look great. We just saw Nim’s Island and I swear it’s something interwoven in my brain at this point. you are jodi and jodi is you. Interchangeable…

  3. She’s growing so fast! i love her concentration face in the playing picture. max is such a sweet big brother.

  4. Do they really make that now? Is it just the flakes in there or is it already mixed? Not that I need it, but it’s good info to have!

  5. Nah, it’s just the dry cereal. I see why you asked though since it looks like a carton of milk. Isn’t it pretty? 🙂

  6. Yay for another milestone! Don’t you just love quiet moments with a baby!? Hold on to her tight because she’s growing up so fast! ❤

  7. That child is precious! And yes, I completely relate to the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah feeling of the doctor’s office quite nappy in Mama’s arms – she felt so comfy, even in that environment, she could just relax and drift off. I hope the shots weren’t toooooo much of a rude awakening! Sorry about the iPod but loved the story of Inspector Max. Sounds like he’s got quite a career ahead of him!

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