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Social Worker Visit

Have I told you about Max’s imaginary brother, Andrew?  He’s been around for, oh, a month or two.  He’s 7 years old and likes science.

I’m okay with the imaginary friend thing and I play along.  Really, I’m kind of surprised that Max hasn’t had one before now, being an only child for so long.  But then again, it also makes sense that he thought of Andrew at a time when he’s not the only one getting all the attention anymore.

The funny thing is, today we had another post-placement visit with our adoption social worker.  Mrs. M. has been our social worker since before Max was born and since we started the adoption process the second time around, she has come over with her yellow notepad a total of 5 times.  Max has literally grown up with her coming to our house to ask questions and take notes.

The minute we sat down at the kitchen table this afternoon, Max started talking.  He told her all about his older brother Andrew and when she got out her pen, he asked “are you writing all this down?”

I think he’s used to this.


3 thoughts on “Social Worker Visit

  1. Caleb had an imaginary friend for years! His name was Steven and he was the most naughty child – always getting Caleb in trouble. He wouldn’t put his seat belt on and Caleb wouldn’t let us go until everyone had thier seat belt on. Steven was constant drama. And then one day he was gone!

    I so wish that Caleb and Max lived closer…I think they would be great friends!

  2. Anna, I’m trying the whole blogging thing again! Just thought I’d let you know, since you are the one who inspired me to do it, and everything.

  3. Haha…too bad you guys don’t still live by Mason. Andrew could play with Lippity and Dippity. I actually think they’ve gone away too, but that could’ve been quite an interesting play group, I’m sure!

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