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Good Night Sweetheart

Right now, at the blissful age of 4 months, this is what we see when we put Mini down at night.  She loves being in her crib.  Won’t always be that way.  I remember…

It love it all, but 4-7 months is my favorite baby stage.  What stage is your favorite?


9 thoughts on “Good Night Sweetheart

  1. Oh, that year between 1 and 2 was fun, with Bean. I really loved it all and I love where she is now. I loved the fast-paced language acquisition phase too, when she used man new words every day.

    Before I was a mom I think I had specific preference for the months you mentioned, but when it’s your own child, you realize that there are great (or “best”) parts of every stage, don’t you think?

    Probably gonna have a harder time feeling that way when she’s 16, though. We shall see!

  2. As soon as J’s personality started to develop…that’s when it became fun. Now that he’s sitting up and even occasionally tuning into a Baby Einstein DVD or something his brother does catches his attention…it’s really adorable. 🙂

  3. I always think that every stage is my favorite (of course, we aren’t at potty-training or true tantrums yet). Right now, I love watching BearHug toddle around and say new words. I loved, though, when he first learned to smile and giggle. Being a mom is so great!

  4. Oh I’m so jealous. Angel has started to HATE her crib. It’s so interesting how they go through stages like that. I was telling Hubby last night that I love this stage Angel is in (other than hating the crib). She’s so aware of what’s going on and people and reacting to things, interacting and learning so much. Bye bye, kisses, copy cat, eating big people food and saying “yummm” after EVERY bite!….we just love it. I agree with Megan – I suppose there’s greatness in every stage!

  5. Hmmm. I really like the 6-9 month phase. It seemed like Bean really exploded in all areas during that time. He went from a lump, to a rolling over-crawling-walking with the push walker- sitting up-chatting-eating real food-sleeping well little person. Oh and he got his first teeth. I also am LOVING 18-22 months right now. He is a BLAST! But there are days that I miss my teeny little 5 pound nuthin’ of a baby…..

  6. Actually I love anything from birth to about 18 mos, maybe even two…until they start turning opinionated and screaming when they don’t get what they want.

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