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Thought I’d share some of the pics that haven’t made their way into the blog yet, but I didn’t want you to miss.  They make me laugh!

Max’s ear tube fell out (which is normal, the surgery was 14 months ago) after swimming last Sunday.  He held it up on the tip of his first finger and cried, “What’s this???”  It was covered with gross stuff.  Ewww, but funny.  I cleaned it off with a Kleenex and he held it like a prized possession in his hand the entire way home.

See how teeny-tiny that thing is?

I wanted to share this pic because Mini just LOVES her blankets.  At this point it doesn’t matter which blanket but when I put one on her, she immediately snuggles it and looks up at me with a huge grin.  It’s adorable!

Below are some more pictures from her 4 month photo shoot.  They just make me giggle.

I love this look she’s giving her brother and look at that comb-over job!  The angle of the picture means a lot!  Her hair, oh my goodness.  It’s so wispy and has a mind of its own.  My Asian friends are saying, “I know, I know!”

Don’t you make fun of my hair!  Hi-yah!

Oh, sweetie.  I LOVE your hair!

Look at how much Mini loves her big brother (when he doesn’t put a camera in her face!)

Snuggling with Papaw.  This is the Before picture.

This is the After. (I think it was like 3 minutes after)

Grandma usually got big smiles but this picture shows that Mini was beginning to worry about where Mommy was.  Or where her bottle was.  Whatever.

She certainly does love her a bottle.  Drinking it wears her out!

It was so funny to watch Mini study this new toy that Aunt Sharon was holding.

Mike bought a new monitor for us while the kids and I were at Pops & Nana’s house.  He wanted to surprise me and I was so excited!  But he should never tell me “you’ll see” when I call him on his cell phone as he’s purchasing something as a surprise for me.  I thought he bought us a new car!

Speaking of cars,

Look who’s ready for a ride in Nana’s convertible?

Mini’s birth mom’s favorite car is a Honda S2000 (she squealed when I told her that Nana had one).  So is it Nature or Nurture, I don’t know, but it looks like Mini’s loving the car, too!

Mini tried out her exersaucer for the first time a couple days ago.  Look at that face!  She loves it!  And I love the vivid mode on my new camera!  Those colors excite me!

I love this picture for so many reasons.  1) Mini now loves being on her tummy so she can play but she’ll roll over to her back and get stuck like a turtle on her shell, which makes her cry. 2) Max wasn’t running but that is him behind her and the way the camera took the picture it looks like he’s Dash from The Incredibles.  You can’t even make out his front leg.  3) Mini’s outfit has cupcakes on it.  4) Her eyes, nose, and lips are adorable, I just want to cover her face in kisses.

That’s an ear plug molded onto the back of Obi-Wan’s head.  I found him like this in Max’s room, underneath his bed.  His arm was outstretched just like this as if he was trying to use the Force to get that darn thing off of him.

Max sat in the back of the grocery cart and I handed this watermelon over to him to hold.  Um, is poking holes the same thing as holding? 😉  I tried not to show it, but I was laughing when I saw what he did.  Next time I’ll know better.

Well, that’s it.  I just took all my possible future blog fodder and put it in one long post!  Guess I’ll be doing some memes next week!


10 thoughts on “Pics

  1. Great pictures Anna!

    That Mini is stinkin’ adorable! I love the picture of her holding her blanket and especially love her little elbow dimple! Aren’t those the cutest little things in babies?!

  2. These were fun pictures–along with your witty captions. I had never seen an ear tube before. Thanks. Mini and Papaw napping together, cool baby in a cool car, the combover–they were all great!

  3. Your camera is taking some FANTASTIC pictures! Don’t you just love it? I am thrilled with mine so far…although I must say that it took pretty disappointing shots at the gym today…it might be a user error though too…I was holding Bub while I was trying to take pictures of a very fast moving Bean. Other than that, I’m lovin’ it! Max & Mini are so stinkin’ cute! She is such a big girl and sooo expressive!! Love it!

  4. I love the picture of Mini & Papaw sleeping! So precious. And her 4 month dress is so adorable! Love the pics from your new camera!!!

  5. Sorry I haven’t visited in a VERY long time! I have been quite busy with my baking business, and I am dreadfully behind on all my blog reading. Mini is just getting cuter and cuter ever day. I am so glad that you are enjoying her!

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