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We’re back home now and the water is safe and the washing machine and dishwasher are, once again, in full use.  Looking back, I could have survived here and boiled water for the week (like millions of my Washingtonian complainers compadres), but I’m glad I took the path of least resistance.  That path led us straight up the highway to Pops and Nana’s house for a spontaneous 6 day, 5 night fun-filled family getaway, where lots of chocolate was consumed.

We just don’t take enough of those in life.

But now that I’m back home, it’s time to sit down here at the blog.  Much to talk about tonight.

Let’s go with a list, shall we?  I like these.

1.  Max is all about hunting now.  The Arkansas kinfolk had a little something to do with that but, truth be told, so did watching Little House on the Prairie on DVD.  He’s a big fan of Pa and Mr. Edwards.  They were hunters.  Papaw, Grandma, and Uncle Gary are hunters.  Simple algebra.  a + b = c.

C=Max is now a hunter.

A stylish hunter, that is.

Max was invited to go along with Papaw, Grandma, Uncle Gary and Aunt Sharon on a day trip to the big Bass Pro Shop up in PA.  Did I say day trip?  Because that’s what I meant.  Max had way too much fun and later he showed off the presents he received.


I don’t know much about hunting, but I do think he’s got a hunter’s instinct for staying well-hidden.

But I don’t think that’s how Elmer Fudd ever held a rifle, Mister.  I like the fashion statement you are making with those matching crocs, though.

2. Okay, next obsession subject.  This Razorback hat was a big hit!

3.  And so was just spending time together as a family.  We ate (a lot of) good food and laughed a lot (as always).  Even Mini was giggling herself silly.

You’ve got to watch this!  It’s about 40 seconds long.

Hope that video was a good start to your Monday!


15 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. I adored that!!! she is a gem! What a lovely smile!

    Glad you are home safe, it sounds like it was the best choice! (I love lists too, so good choice there as well!)

    And great about Max too! 🙂

  2. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family! Mini’s video is hilarious!! I love it! Thanks for the smile. Enjoy the rest of your week! =)

  3. What a cute video!! She’s really a sweetie! Having had boys…I can so relate to Max and his adventures! He’s quite a kid! I love the pix of him in his fatigues and those crocs. That was hysterical.

    I getting some of the experience you’re having with Mini with our granddaughter, Nyah. She’s just a joy! :o)
    Love you!!!

  4. Too cute….Belly laughs are the best! Leyla knocked CC out of the way to see what all the laughing was about!!!!! They both enjoyed the video!

  5. You have not been kidding about her infectious giggle–so sweet!

    Glad y’all made the best of the water crisis–good call on saying Nah to boiling water, time with family is much better. And involves hunting.

  6. Glad you’re home! And ya thanks, I spit water out of my mouth when I read “git-r-dun”! Woo hoo, we’re a hunting family too! 🙂 Your kiddos are so precious!

  7. Ahhhh, the cammo. We have a mean case of the cammo wearing going on here too. A mean case. Max looks so cute though.

    And Mini with the laughing! Isn’t it just the best. My little one is such a laugher too. Mini reminds me so much of my own 🙂

    So glad you had a wonderful getaway. All the pictures are great!

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