Will A List Do?

Because I can’t seem to use someone else’s computer and form complete thoughts inside my head at the same time, I’m going with a list to update you on our unexpected, but very awesome, week-long vacation at the grandparents. 

Number 1.  The first night here I slept from 8:30 p.m. until 7:10 a.m. So did Max. So did Mini.  Ahhhhhh.

Number 2.  Mike’s grandparents, as well as his aunt and uncle, are visiting from Arkansas.  So, while we were going to come this weekend anyway, the water main break at home brought us up here earlier.  3 extra days of lovin’ on the grandkids…the timing worked out pretty good.

Number 3.  They are in love with MIni.  And Max, too, but that’s already been well-established.  I just love my in-laws.

Number 4. Nana was not in town the first day we got here, though.  Max loves Pops & Nana so very much but it was a weird feeling for him to be at “Pops & Nana’s house” without the Nana.  He sang a song about it, which went a little something like this: “I love Pops & Nana, they are the kindest people in the world.  But…..it’s not the same here without Nana”

Number 5.  Pops took Max with him to pick up Nana from the airport.  Which is a 4-hour round-trip.  It is not normal for him to want to spend 4 hours in a car, but for Nana?  YES! I’ll go with you, Pops!!

Number 6.  Nana’s plane was delayed by over an hour.  Pops got to experience what it’s like to kill time with Max, who was in the mood to hear a story, one long, drawn-out, from here to Baltimore-Washington International Airport, story.

Number 7.  I need to order Pops a t-shirt that says “I Survived 5 Hours of Storytelling with Max”

More to come…


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