So, What You’re Telling Me Is…

That it would be a total waste of money to repair my point and shoot digital camera?

You’re the experts. Got it. I won’t do it.

And that, because technology has changed and the cost is considerably less these days, it would be logical to buy a brand new one?

Yep, I like this one. It would be a practical choice since I have the extra battery, charger, and case already.

But, I get the feeling that you’re telling me more. Are you telling me that if I were to put money down on a new camera, anyway, because that is logical, then I should just go ahead and buy what I really want need?

Huh, huh?

I thought that’s what you were saying. Thank you so much, you’ve been quite helpful.

Now if you could only convince my husband.

It’s not likely going to happen, friends. My birthday is six months away. Man, having a birthday in December is a major inconvenience even in June.


9 thoughts on “So, What You’re Telling Me Is…

  1. Oh man! Will it help if I keep my fingers crossed really tightly for you?

    Will you at least be able to replace your point & shoot? A girl’s GOTTA have her camera!

  2. My hubby has a nice camera (similar to the second picture). There are times that we love it – children’s programs and the other “big” stuff, but if I had to choose one it would be the little one that fits in my purse. 🙂

    So, I say go for it all. Replace your point and shoot now, and ask for the big fancy one for your b’day. 🙂

  3. I love my new Canon Rebel XTI (or whatever). It was more expensive and it’s less portable, but the pictures are worth all that, IMO. If there’s anything a family should spend the extra $ on, it’s memory preservation. Can’t replace a good photo.

  4. how about HE gives YOU a present for Father’s Day…since ummm…technically you getting Max made him a dad!? That wouldn’t have been possible if you weren’t in the picture… LOL.

  5. I have the Nikon. LOVE it!

    Come on, Mr. Husband … you NEED to chronicle your precious babies’ EVERY moment….

    Post Mother’s Day? Pre-Christmas?

  6. We have a Canon DSLR, and we love it. Can’t say enough good things about it – feel the same about our Canon point and shoot.

    All of that said, it really is handy to be able to stick your camera in your purse and go! We took our little one to Ethiopia, and you’ve seen the pics from there – and I didn’t really edit most of them. The big advantage of a big camera is being able to manipulate the pics…but unless you are going to put in some time to learn to do just that, it doesn’t really matter all that much, in my humble opinion.

    Ann at MamaRazzi just got a new Canon point and shoot (the update of ours); you could ask her for a review.

  7. Oh, Mike is all for getting another camera and I think we’ll go with the Canon Powershot for the very reason ya’ll mentioned – how it easily fits into my purse (or diaper bag as the case may be these days) as an everyday camera. But I’ve got my eye on that Nikon and I really want to learn more about photography. I keep reading that the Nikon D40 is a great SLR for beginners. Just wish I could justify that kind of purchase now, but I can’t. I was just being silly and blaming it on Mike 🙂

  8. I finally broke (literally) down and got the Nikon D40 about a year and a half ago for my birthday!! I am a serious camera addict and owned 2 35mm “big” cameras that I preferred to every point and shoot I bought. I think I went through 4 before realizing it was crazy to keep spending money on those when I really wanted the D40. I finally talked myself into it and have loved it ever since. It takes FANTASTIC photos and I SO love taking pictures!! I teach preschool and my kids learn to ignore me and my camera, cheese it up and go on with life. I can’t wait to take pics of our own kiddo (we are waiting to be chosen for adoption) and meanwhile our 3 great nieces and nephews are all my photography projects. (Bless their hearts b/c we’re going to the beach with them in 2 weeks)

    I digress- After getting my camera though… I realized it really isn’t practical to lug it (and the extra bigger lense) and the hubby bought me a HP point and shoot for Christmas that is very thin and fits in my Vera Bradley change purse, then in my big purse for easy travel.

    I say all this, to say that you’ll enjoy both and need both!

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