Since We’re On The Subject Of Pictures

Time will only tell what will happen in the Big Camera Decision of ’08. We’ll probably buy the Canon Powershot I talked about because it’s practical for our needs right now. I feel kind of iffy about buying a Canon again after mine freaked out on me, but the fact is, I did love it. I had fun with all the features and settings and I was happy with the majority of the shots I took. Especially the ones of Mini and Max in front of the living room window with the flash turned off. They’re my faves.

I am itching to learn more about photography, though, so that’s why I feel ready to plunge into the SLR world. (I’ve read a ton of reviews on them and have decided that the Nikon D40 is a good fit for me.) I think I’ve gotten better at taking pictures the more I spend time scrapbooking. You know, just because I know what I don’t like anymore. I’m better at not taking pictures in front of things like this, for instance:

What is that thing growing out of Spider-Man’s head? Actually, this one’s not that bad – I’ve seen worse but you get the idea.

[Now why did I immediately think to look for that picture? I must be thinking about December and my birthday and Christmas and Christmas trees and presents under the Christmas tree and, not to mention, my handsome husband giving me something wonderful this year (what could that be?)]

Recently I went to a craft store and I picked up the book, Photography for Scrapbookers by Tracy White, which really inspired me to try different things. The book has some great, practical tips. There, that’s my review. I liked it.

Now, for the real reason I started this post! I wanted to tell you I got the Shutterfly photo book in the mail today. WOW! It is so much better than I hoped, the colors are so vibrant, and each photo is as clear as can be. It came as a surprise to Max and I read it to him as soon as we got it. He had a smile on his face and he recognized some words on his own. Then he had a funny commentary about each picture/memory.

Here is a picture taken from our psycho camera with us holding the book. The first picture Mike took of us didn’t turn out at all – it was almost completely white. Weird.

I didn’t know my bangs did that crazy point thing. I’m sure that’s the camera’s fault, too. Ha!


8 thoughts on “Since We’re On The Subject Of Pictures

  1. I have the – Canon PowerShot Pro Series S5 IS 8.0MP – and love it!!

    I keep thinking about making one of those scrapbooks online. I just feel like I would be disloyal to CM. They do look so fun and convenient though!

  2. I want to learn more about photography too!!! =) And I’m glad you and Max both love the photobook! I love those things!

  3. I got my first Shutterfly book in the mail today! I love it. I’ll be doing more in the future. : )

    Honestly, “traditional” scrapbooking overwhelms me. So many options and cute things to buy! I’d spend all my time buying and NONE scrapbooking.

    If you do love CM, my CM friend is currently working on an online book similar to Shutterfly (but with more “stickers and accessories”) through CM. She loves it!

    I stop in often and always enjoy my visit. : )

  4. Not to be nosey, but just curious how much it is to make a book? I once checked out just making the pages, and thought wow that could be pricey. But now that i think about the paper and book,and stickers, maybe it is not to bad. What do you think? I did make a calender last year and it was pretty cool.
    Thanks Chris

  5. The book (8×8 with the standard 20 pages and a padded photo cover) was $27. They were running a 25% off promotion with free shipping. Not too bad if you ask me.

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