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Preserving Memories

Hello there. It’s been a few days, hasn’t it? Where did those days go? Oh, I know. We’ve made it to the pool twice now and for a two-kid rookie I think I did pretty well. I only made the mistake of walking right into the men’s locker room once.

I’ve also been pretty busy at night, too. Instead of blogging (gasp!), I’ve been spending time creating a photo book for Max’s pre-K homeschool year. He has been into looking at my scrapbooks lately, especially one that I made for his 4th birthday (the theme was “we love you and we like you”). I’ve caught him looking through the pages with a flashlight in his bed at night. (sniff*sniff)

Knowing that I don’t have the time to scrapbook the photos that I’ve taken of him this past year, I decided to try this photo book thing out at Shutterfly. It’s been super easy and fun. I miss actual scrapbooking with photos, but I could get used to the drag and drop and the fact that I can change my mind about the way a page looks a hundred times.

I chose a small 8×8 size book and started with pictures of nature classes we attended, pics of Max sitting at the kitchen table cutting, coloring, etc. and various other photos of all the other projects we’ve done on the kitchen floor. Plus I put in pics of him helping me in the kitchen (I have the funniest picture of him cracking an egg, which he absolutely hated doing), playing soccer, going to open gym, Cubbies, MOPS, and the library. I tried to write in simple sentences that fit the pre-school age. I think he’s going to love that and maybe he will even read it himself soon (when he’s six, of course…as he has informed me).

I loved looking back at what we’ve done this year and I’ve got to tell you, it choked me up.

Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

Speaking of mail (what a great transition!), I got a cool package this week from Mini’s birthmom! She sent a card for Mother’s Day with the sweetest words written inside that made me literally burst into tears as I read them. (Crying a lot this week…what is wrong with me??)

After opening the card, I saw that there were a bunch of presents in the box. Fun! There was a present for Max (she always thinks of him! Lord help me, there were more tears!) and he opened it with such excitement. It was the coolest gift – a bowl that she made in her ceramics class just for him, which I guarantee he was not expecting. 🙂

It took a second to register what it was but then he was like, “cool! my very own bowl and it has hot lava on it!” Funny! It was such a thoughtful gift and he is very fond of his new treasure. She painted his first initial in the bowl, too, which went over big! He wanted to show Daddy right away.

I looked in the box again and found the gift with my name on it. I opened it up to find three smaller gifts wrapped in blue bubble wrap with instructions to open them in order, then to read a letter that A. wrote to me afterwards.

This is what A. made for me in her high school ceramics class – can you believe she spent all this time doing this for me?

In the letter she explained that the theme for these three tiles were The Beginning, The Middle, and The End in her adoption journey. She wrote it out more beautifully than this, but essentially she wrote that even though it was absolutely heartbreaking to realize that she couldn’t raise Mini herself, knowing that we were her parents has put a band-aid over the brokenness and this assurance will heal her heart. She said she will always love us for that.

What a meaningful way she chose to preserve the thoughts and feelings she is having right now. We will always cherish this gift.

Edited to add:

I forgot to mention the little ladybug charm on the middle tile. Remember how significant the ladybug was in our story? I mentioned it in this post.


11 thoughts on “Preserving Memories

  1. Oh thanks friend, now you made me cry! 🙂 The gift from A. is so so so so precious. What a wonderful treasure. It’s good to hear from you and I might just have to try that Shutterfly thing – I’m SOOO behind on my scrapbooking!

  2. Oh my this makes me cry, what a wonderful young lady she is. I am sure you will treasure these always. Have a great week

  3. Me too. Especially since I have grown to love her so much. But I’m also really glad that she has support and looks for ways to grow spiritually and emotionally.

  4. So glad you are making progress creating your Shutterfly book. I like having those options, since actual scrapbooking is so much more involved.

    The presents are wonderful! It’s so sweet how she thought of Max and included the bowl for him. His reaction is so funny. Those hanging tiles are BEAUTIFUL and hold such meaning.

    Where’s my Kleenex…

  5. What thoughtful gifts! =) I’m glad to hear that Mini has a loving birthmom and that you guys are able to maintain a relationship! btw: I love Shutterfly’s books! I’m sure Max will LOVE it when he sees it! (and you too!)

  6. Oh my Goodness. Just when a story couldn’t get any better…

    Wow! What a gorgeous young girl to have the strength, foresight, and composure to send something so special off. What a dream. You are *all* so blessed.

  7. Oh my….!!!! Yes, said perfectly in ceramic…tears flow freely. Thank you God for comfort, healing, provision, unity, answered prayer, love and Your peace that passes all understanding!

  8. What a beautiful girl! This is a life changing event for her, and not an easy one. So glad she looks to God to see His healing in the situation and His provision for her child. You all are a beautiful family and I just know she can rest in your love for him.

    OK, I am tired of crying this AM 😉

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