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I can’t think of a cuter sound than a baby’s laugh. And guess who laughed for the first time today?

Oh, it was adorable! Nana stopped by and brought Chick-fil-A for lunch (yum!) and got to hear Mini’s cute little giggle herself.

She laughed a total of 3 times today, in spite of my 933 efforts to make her laugh just once more. I’m sure I didn’t look like a fool at all trying.

“Nana, I’m worried about Mommy”

So now that you know how I spent 4 hours today, hope your day was just as fun.

Actually, we did something else that was fun. We went on a walk to give Max’s friends a gift for their birthday (they’re twins). Do you say birthday or birthdays? Anyway, they turned 5 and Max made each of them a card and a Fruity Cheerios necklace.

Max rode on his scooter while I huffed and puffed behind pushing the stroller trying to keep up with him. He made me laugh so hard today because he was doing goofy tricks on the way. Check out his unique style. He’ll do anything for a laugh!

Laughter (and even foolishness!) is a requirement in our family.


5 thoughts on “LOL

  1. There is nothing better than the sound of your baby’s laugh. No matter how hard or frustrating the day, my baby’s laugh instantly lifts my mood.

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