For The Love of Brochures

Okay, does anyone else’s kid do this? Everywhere he goes, Max is picking up brochures for himself. He’s not even reading yet. He tells me he won’t know how to read until he’s six, for which I say “awesome!” (a little preoccupied right now). But he sure is stocking up on the reading material and pretty excited about his treasures!


6 thoughts on “For The Love of Brochures

  1. Every hotel, every restaurant, every place of business. BJ picks up brochures, business cards, flyers, you name it. Every nook and cranny of my entire car is completely stuffed to the gills with them. Sometimes I feel guilty when I throw the away, because they are such “treasures.” Sometimes I don’t!!! When I clean his room, I find all of them in some very obscure places too. Like maybe he’s trying to protect them from me 🙂

  2. MAM loves her some good marketing material. Her current obsession? The program from the Indy 500. It’s really heavy and the cover ripped off tonight…as I was taping it back together, I was chastised because I put the table of contents in the wrong way. So she’s obsessed, and she memorizes!

    They make good collage fodder too, if he’s up for cutting them up!

  3. That’s hysterical–he must have quite the collection. My hubs has that same brochure fascination. The same fascination that evaporates once we arrive home and those tempting brochures are left in a messy pile. I throw them out when he isn’t looking.

    I do like to keep certain ones for scrapbook(hahaha) material.

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