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Works For Me: Daily Routine Posters

Remember how I told you about Max’s need for routine a couple months after Mini was born? And how we were going to make some kind of poster to help him transition back into a schedule?

Well, I’m happy to report that our making-of-the-poster was a success. We made them about a month ago and the routine is sticking.

Would you like to see the posters? Okay, I can work on that.

Oh, look! They’re right here on my blog! Now that’s service! (click on photo to enlarge – did you know that you can right click and open the pic in a new tab for super easy viewing?)

#5 (with all the stuffed animals) represented how he has to put them away while I make up his bed. I wish I could get him to make up his own bed, but I’ve decided it’s best to assign him to put his animals away instead (which are usually piled in his bed each night). We have to streamline the process or else we’d be there all morning. Pick your battles, ya know. Who’s with me on this?

#14 represents when we run errands. That’s Max imagining a downhill chase in the grocery cart. Can you say he’s a little adventure-seeking?! 😀

We were a little short on photos so we improvised. #18 is a picture of Mommy’s yummy spaghetti (thanks, Prego), #19 is watching a video, #20 is brushing teeth, #21 is Daddy’s Kindle (he downloads childrens stories on it like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, the Little House series, etc), and #22 is the goodnight routine (which really should be #22-#42)

He had a ball making this poster and we laughed at his silly expressions plus it was very beneficial for helping him to be organized, too! Mission accomplished!

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13 thoughts on “Works For Me: Daily Routine Posters

  1. I love his drawings! I’m with you on picking the battles!!! p.s. I hope Mini slept through the night and is feeling better so you can feel better too! 🙂

  2. These are awesome Anna! I love the pictures of Max, and the drawings he did himself. Great job!

    p.s. I’m a birthmom. Feel free to check out the Honoring our mothers post on my blog!

  3. I love his Mickey Mouse ears 🙂

    I think the whole poster thing is a pretty cool idea. I could use one myself, now that I think about it…

  4. i LOVE this idea! Gen is 9, but she really struggles… we may need to “go back” and adapt something like this… you clever girl, you!

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