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3 Months


Mini is 3 months old today, can you believe how fast the time is flying?  Oh my goodness, it seems like we have packed a whole lot of life in these past 3 months.  January and February…just weeks before Mini was born…seems like forever ago.  But the day after we came home from Colorado? Seems like yesterday. 

I’m really, really enjoying Mini at this age.  She is taking two good, long naps in the crib (mostly) and two cat naps in her car seat and then going to bed around 8:00ish.  For about a week now she’s sleeping until 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning.  I can’t believe she dropped both the midnight and the 3 a.m. feeding at the same time.  Max didn’t do this as early as she did so I’m still kind of in shock.  It’s a nice shock, though!

Let’s see…what else is she doing now?

Her last doctors appt was two weeks ago and she was 9 lbs 11 oz and 22 inches long.  She’s really growing fast and chunking up!  The girl loves her formula!

Sceeeeeech.  Speaking of formula, I just want to thank Mama-Razzi for sending me two cans of Enfamil she had in her pantry and I want to thank my sister for sending four cans!  If you recall, I got two cans in the mail from Enfamil, too, and on top of what I had already stocked up on from Costco (which are crazy big cans), I’m set for two months or longer!  We also received a very generous gift from MIke’s boss–Pampers gift certificates!  I just redeemed three of those doggies today and probably won’t have to shop again for another good month!  And then when I do, I’ll just use more of the gift certificates.  Wow, God is good.

Okay, back to Mini and all her fabulous changes that are going on with her.  Right now she’s

smiling, cooing, and singing along with all of us.  She and I sing duets when I change her diaper and it’s quite a lovely sound.  Actually, you’d get a kick out of it – she stops and starts right along with me.  It’s so funny!

she held a toy in her hand for the first time today!  That was very exciting for Max but a little scary for me.  He gave her a pair of medium-sized wooden tongs but he yelled, “Mommy! I gave Mini toothpicks and she’s holding them!”  Ahhhhhh, I rushed over as fast as I could.  Whew! Only tongs, not toothpicks, which aren’t as dangerous.  Still, the tongs had to go, too, and we had a little talk.  I have to keep my eye on that boy!

Max loooooooves Mini.  Loves her.  LOVES her.  She’s really starting to dig him, too, and won’t take her eyes off of him when he’s bouncing around the room.  He makes her smile and takes care of her in the car by getting her pacifier for her if she cries.  He’s a very loving older brother.

Sometimes annoying, yes.  But very loving.

More pictures of these two coming later this weekend.



8 thoughts on “3 Months

  1. she is too cute! formula is so expensive but the costco brand is what i used.
    my baby Jake weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces when he was born LOL!

  2. what a cutie! i’m always amazed at how big 3months is. they still seem so teeny! she looks like quite a doll. i bet she is so much fun & it looks like her brother loves her too!

  3. Oh how the precious peanut is growing–and getting a little more darling every minute. Her expressions are so cute–like when Max is holding her, in between a “What’s up with this?” and “Oh, how I love my brother!”

    Huge virtual high five on the schedule/sleeping!

  4. I’m jealous! My daughter was born 3 weeks before Mini. I can’t get her down before 10 and she still wakes up around 3 for a feeding!

  5. I know you don’t realize this but Mini is SO CUTE! And Max, what a handsome dude. Your kiddos are so precious! Thanks for the update. And is it a specific kind of Enfamil? I have two large cans that I got from someone and Angel uses a different. I’ll send ’em your way if it’s the right kind.

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