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Mother’s Day Memories

Remembering Mother’s Day 2008

What is this? Why, it’s my Mother’s Day present from Max. He made me a very special paper airplane. It was funny, he actually gave this to me last Wednesday but as he was showing it he realized it wasn’t Mothers Day yet and quickly hid it behind his back. Then he slowly whispered to me, “forget you saw this” and proceeded to hide it out of sight.

And this? Why, it’s one of the watercolors that Max lovingly spent time making for every other mother figure in his life. I’m not jealous, no. Ha! I’m only kidding. He was so proud of his artwork and there are a couple of cute stories associated with these:

First, he titled all of his paintings. “Fireworks World” (pictured above), “Sunburn”, “Astronaut from Outer Space”, and my personal favorite, “Africa America Flag”. Why he came up with that one, I have no idea. Totally random. Totally Max!

Second, as he was showing his Nana the paintings and beaming from her enthusiastic response at his gallery, he asked which one she would like. She chose one and went to pick it up only to hear Max say, “that’ll be $1”

Oh Max!

On a more serious note, our church had a Child Dedication service today and we dedicated Mini to the Lord. Isn’t her blue polka dot dress really cute? That’s what she wore yesterday for her portraits, too (which turned out really great and I’ll get to show you in 10 business days). She was asleep for the entire dedication.

Normally I wouldn’t post pictures of me so close-up, especially of body parts on my face that I’m not in love with (my nose, that is. I do love my chin, however, and I’m not shy about saying it. Did you know I have an implant in my chin from when I had jaw surgery back in high school? Yes I have implant.)

Anyway, we dedicated Mini to the Lord today. All four of us were on stage and Mike shared a short testimony and thanked our church family for their love and support throughout the wait for our adoption of Mini and in keeping us accountable as we raise our children to know Jesus’ love.ย  He got a little choked up, even. We are so blessed to be apart of a caring church family where we can learn from those parents who have walked in our shoes already.

The man standing behind Mike in the picture here is our minister of worship, Tim, and we were honored to ask him to pray over us. Tim and his wife, Deborah, have been such great examples for us in parenting and they are only one couple out of, like, two dozen or more. We need that kind of wisdom to learn from because there are times when I’m at a total loss.

(like today when I nervously tried to keep Max still while Mike spoke at the podium – embarrassing!)

Oh, the memories!


5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Memories

  1. Well, isnt’ that so neat!!!! Love the picture of you and MIni.
    And I love seeing Tim and that stage I spent many an hour setting up there at the highschool. Sometimes I really long for those early days to return.

  2. Max cracks me up! You have me here laughing at my computer!! It’s a good thing I’m studying at home with no one else around to wonder–what the heck is she laughing at!? =)

    Mini looks adorable in her dress!

  3. Love the paper airplane! He wants you to be able to travel the world – what a sweetie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Congrats on Mini’s dedication. I cannot attend those things in any form without crying. So glad she is yours to dedicate back to the Lord! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Max is a hoot – ‘that’ll be $1’. Love the artwork – totally worht the buck!

    Praise God for little Mini and her special day. She looked adorable.

    and your chin AND nose look great ๐Ÿ˜‰

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