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The Nursery

I finally finished decorating Mini’s room and took pictures for you! Want to come in and see the final look?

Welcome! Before I go on to give you the big tour of the place, I want you to know that I’m really proud of this room. The furniture may not match and all the pieces are second-hand, but each one has a special history and I’ll tell you all about it.

Please, no flash photography.

First, let’s walk over here so you can get a good look at the changing table. Serious business takes place here. This changing table is actually Mike’s desk from his years before I came along. It has lived in pretty much every single room of our house these past 11 years. But I like it best right now as a changing table because it’s the perfect height for me. And here’s a fun fact for all of you on the tour: I actually bought this bright pink changing pad on a whim just because I liked the color. It’s totally not necessary on top of the white cover but whatever! it makes me happy! Aren’t I a crazy cat?

Please keep walking, don’t push.

On your right, you’ll notice the ribbon board that I talked about some time ago on my blog. My friend, Faith, helped me did this for me one Saturday afternoon. She is the best! We (said loosely) covered a bulletin board with broadcloth (with padding ironed onto it and edges sewn with a finishing machine – whatever that means), and then we stretched ribbon across and stapled them down on the other side. We had a lot of fun with the staple gun. Grunt, grunt.

The inspiration for this ribbon board was one that Pottery Barn Kids sold a few years ago for $99. I usually save these catalogs for ideas but this is the first time an idea has ever actually been COMPLETED! Our version cost about $50 ($30 for the bulletin board, $10 for the ribbon, and $10 for the material).

Now, please make a 90 degree turn and take a few steps (on second thought, stay where you are, it’s probably safer) to face the closet door. Sorry, this part of the tour is closed to the public. I would show you the inside of the closet, but it’s not tidy at the moment. Just picture piles and piles and piles of beautiful, adorable, CUTE baby clothes newborn-3T. And stacks of diapers, too. Our friends are amazing and these blessings have been coming at me faster than I have time to organize them. But I say, “organize schmorganize” (hee hee-that sounds like something you would say, Megan at Fried Okra!) One thing at a time!

So, what I’m saying is the closet reveal may come one day and when it comes, get ready for some before and after shots that will blow you away!

Or not.

Now, let’s continue our tour. Right this way, I’d love to show you the bookshelf. This is a piece from my childhood. I remember the very day my mom took me to Scan Furniture to purchase it back in 1984 when I moved out of my sister’s room into my own. A room full of bright white laminate furniture – seriously, it was a dream come true! Are you laughing at me for saving this?

On these shelves are some pretty special things that belong to Mini. Below the wooden letters that spell her name (which are blotted out) is a shelf that holds two framed prints given to her from each one of A’s younger sisters. One is a heartfelt poem written for her about how she’ll be thinking of her as she grows up to dance in her first pair of ballet shoes and the other is a beautiful drawing of a butterfly. My heart was so touched that they gave such thoughtful gifts.

Also on this bookshelf, is Horton the Elephant (a gift that A. sent to Mini to show how she has always valued her and wanted the best for her – we love Horton books!!) and a Build-A-Bear named “Hope” that A. and J. made for Mini on the day before we left Colorado. What a very sweet gift that will always remind her of their love.

I know, I know. Tissues are over there, please take one. I need them all the time in this room! The tour isn’t over quite yet, though, so keep on a movin’. As you pass the entrance and exits, you’ll reach the destination of the rocking chair.

I love this rocking chair.

I bought it from a consignment shop when we started our adoption wait. I dreamed about sitting in it with our baby, rocking back and forth, singing lullabies, whispering sweet nothings. And here I am. My dreams have come true and though it took longer than I ever wanted, the timing was perfect. I have so enjoyed the moments I’ve spent with Mini in my arms sitting in this rocking chair.

And this leads us to the last part of our tour. Hey wait, haven’t we seen this picture before? Hey! This isn’t such a big room, after all! You want your money back? Oh dear.

Ahem. The crib is borrowed from a friend of a friend and I bought the bedding used from ebay (it’s the Olivia pattern from Pottery Barn Kids). I really love it. I love the butterflies. I love the pink gingham. I love the white background and how the colorful pattern nicely contrasts with the blue walls (Notable Hue from Duron).

And this mobile is pretty darn cute, too, huh? I found that at Babies R Us online and when it came I was so excited that it had ribbon on it. I didn’t even notice that before!

Ooooh, oooh. What’s this? What’s this? Sleeping all this time and you didn’t even know it?

Now, that little one makes the price of admission worth it, don’t you think? Thanks for stopping by for the tour. See you tomorrow!

This post was written for the Design Inspiration Carnival hosted by Not Before 7. Got a design idea or inspiration for a room to share about or want to check out ideas from other bloggers? Click on over!


18 thoughts on “The Nursery

  1. LOVE IT!! It is such a beautiful room! The blue walls are so peaceful and the butterflies make it absolutely girlie and perfect! Where did you get your changing table pad, because I love it and it is totally something I would buy!!! SOOO CUTE! Great job Anna!!!

  2. Oh she’s so beautiful! She’s holding onto her lil outfit with her sweet lil fingers! And look at those LEGGIES! I want to EAT HER. Gobble gobble gobble.

    You’ve done a fabulous job on her room. I feel exactly as you do about my baby things, too – everything in their rooms has meaning, history and/or a connection to someone who loves them. That’s how it should be! What an awesome ribbon board, too. That child is going to grow up to believe she is a princess in a pretty room like that.

    Enjoy it. In a few years, as you know, it’ll be a pigsty and you’ll have to look at this picture to remind yourself of how neat and tidy and peaceful you kept it. But there is something equally as meaningful in the mess. πŸ™‚

    Organize Schmorganize – I think that’s Bean’s mantra these days.

  3. I love the color of the room- so soothing.

    Everything you’ve done is beautiful. And you little baby is just about the cutest thing ever:)!

  4. It’s beautiful! I love the ribbon board…especially because it was homemade! =)

    p.s. LOVED your tour and it’s definitely worth the price of admission. πŸ˜‰

  5. I love the room and the tour was great. Its great to have a pretty room but so special when the pretty room has so many special things in it. The last picture is my favorite, she is so adorable.

  6. Ok, so this is truly the only tour that I have finished with tears welling up. That shelf with the little gifts is the most precious thing EVER. First, that it was yours way “back in the day” and holds such excitment and fondness in your heart. THEN, those gifts are so beautiful and will be special to her for life. What a lovely birthfamily and thoughtful mommy to display them like that.

    That ribbon board is SO COOL! gonna have to consider that.

    So thankful for you that your dreams have come true, as you dreamed them in that rocker.

    That room is a beautiful reminder of God’s fulfilled plan in your life!

    AND she is clearly the best part of it.

    Off to get tissues… πŸ˜‰

  7. Love the room! So so cute! Not as cute as little mini of course but still pretty cute! πŸ™‚ And I love the mobile…I’d have to say that’s my favorite.

  8. Hi, I found your blog awhile back through I Should Be Folding Laundry-Beth. I’ve never posted a comment, but have been motivated by Beth (see her blog) to comment on all blogs I visit.

    I really enjoy reading your blog! I have a newborn daughter who’s 5 months and a son who’s 4.5, so I feel like we have a little something in common.

    Your children are beautiful and so special!

    Please feel free to stop by my blog sometime.

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