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It Was A Good Day

After a hard day yesterday and very little sleep last night, we had one of the best days ever today. I know it’s because of your prayers so thank you, thank you! We stayed home and relaxed all day then I loaded up the kids (!) and got my hair cut, which was such a treat. Max lied down in the waiting area and listened to a book on CD, Mini slept in her car seat and I actually fell asleep in the chair to the sound of the hairdryer. I’m sure we were the sight! Then, for an extra cool bonus, my mom, who just returned from visiting my sister in NC, brought us some barbeque and hush puppies for dinner. Yummm!

Max was happy all day long and he enjoyed one of his favorite pastimes on earth, looking for bugs.

(our rock border has an artistic look these days)

And Mini enjoyed her favorite pastime, looking wide-eyed and oh-so cute

That includes blowing a spit bubble or two.

I told you she’s advanced. Harvard, are you still reading my blog?

Doesn’t that little bubble just melt your heart? And those big brown (hazel?) eyes? Ohhhhhh!

But the very coolest thing about today was that Daddy came home from his business trip. He was all the way in Seattle and we missed him so much. Glad you’re back home, Babe!


7 thoughts on “It Was A Good Day

  1. So happy you had a good day. They come and go. Glad Mike is home. Our daddy is coming home tomorrow. YIPPPPEE!

  2. Oh my gosh, I was on my way home today with Angel and I was thinking I should call my hairdresser and see if I can get in and then I realized I had Angel so that wouldn’t work. But for a second I wondered if I could do it with her with me. Nope! You are so much more braver than me girl! I’ll eventually get the hang of doing brave mommy things! πŸ™‚ So glad you had a good day!

  3. So glad you had a good day.

    And, the hairdresser is the one and only place that I refuse to take my children with me. Amazing that you could sleep! Way to go, Max! πŸ™‚

  4. The only reason I’ve gotten away with bringing Max with me to the hairdresser is that I usually book appointments on Monday afternoons when she’s at the salon by herself. If I’m just getting a trim, that is, because she’s super fast. I’m in and out of there in 25 minutes. If I’m getting anything else done, then forget it. I get a babysitter.

    Yesterday was an exception and the place was crowded but luckily we stopped by the library right beforehand and Max was excited about a new book on CD. As far as Mini goes, I know these days that I can just plop her anywhere in her car seat are numbered! But for now I’m diggin’ how portable she is!

    Kinda funny, I don’t even think I looked in the mirror after she finished my hair, though. I was too distracted even though everything went smoothly. I guess this just sums up the stage of life I’m in right now. πŸ™‚

    Thankfully, I like the cut. It’s shorter than usual and my hair is back to brown with grey highlights. I’m in need for highlights for summer. Anyone want to babysit?

  5. I know how that hairdressing and highlighting thing goes. LOL My daughter-in-law Becky does mine for me. And you see, she is the one with the kids and they come with the package. So we have to depend on Grandpa or Devon who is 15 to keep up with Nyah who is 18 months old now. When she was little she was crying, and didn’t want anyone but Mommy, or when she started crawling, she wanted to be in the bathroom with Becky and me. But that was never a doable thing, because of all the drop cloths on the floor catching all the drips. We would have had a colorful baby. (Smile) She also loved picking up the rugs and drop cloths to look under them and wanted to play with them, so it was always, “DEVON! Come get your sister!” (Smile)

    You were indeed blessed to get in and out with no problems.

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