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God’s Gonna Use Him

Even though Max is so full of energy he makes ME out of breath, I really appreciate all the unique things about him. This past week has been one of those testing weeks for me, though.

God has given him a creative spirit and tender heart to go along with the clowning around, the loud booming voice, the non-stop activity, the massive project starting, constant talking, Switchfoot singing, and being a human musical instrument wherever he goes.

And the fact that he is full of mischief at times, too.

On the one hand, he’s like this:

Today after I put on some water to boil I left the vicinity of the kitchen stove to do some odd jobs around the house. Within a few minutes I noticed a burning smell and when I ran downstairs the first thing I noticed was a cloud of smoke in the kitchen. No fire, but I quickly turned off the burner, opened the door to air the place out, then jumped back to investigate.



“Yes, Sweet Mommy?”

“What did you put under this burner?”

“A chip”


“Because Pa used hickory chips {in The Little House in the Big Woods book]

“You are not allowed to put anything on a stove, do you hear me? Besides, this is not a hickory chip. It’s a tortilla chip.”

But on the other hand, he’s like this:

Every Wednesday Max has decided that it is his job to ride around our neighborhood on his scooter and put all the local newspapers on everyone’s welcome mat. The paper is usually at the end of their sidewalk. He gets such a kick out of doing this every week and come twelve o’clock, he is yelling “Mommy! The paper is here! The paper is here!”

I love how this was his idea and how determined he is to finish the route.

And this:

A few weeks ago Max started talking a lot about money and wanting to know how much was in his piggy bank. After counting out all the coins that he has earned from various vacuuming jobs or pulling weeds, he declared that some of it should be given to people who don’t have money.

Mike and I thought this was great and talked to him about where money goes when you give it to God in the offering at church.

Well, the wheels were turning in his head when he heard that.

He zoomed over to the closet, opened a gift bag that I had folded in the corner, ran upstairs, and dumped some of his pennies, nickels, and dimes inside. He signed his name on the little card attached to the handle and put it aside to personally give to our pastor on Sunday.

When Sunday came, even though we had talked about this bag going to the people who don’t have any money every single day of the week prior, we forgot the bag at home. He realized it as we were about a mile from our house on our way to church. Of course, we had to turn around to get it, and he was very thankful.

After giving it to our pastor who enthusiastically received the gift bag on behalf of God, Max didn’t mention the money again. But then a few days ago there was a letter in the mail addressed to Max.

It was from our senior pastor and he thanked him for his gift of 55 cents. He told him about a church in Kazakhstan that we support and how his generous gift was going to help pay for children to go to Bible Camp in the summer who otherwise would not be able to afford to go. He also told Max that he knows God is very happy that he chose to give his money to the church and how lots of kids will learn about Jesus because of the money he chose to give.

Our pastor rocks, doesn’t he? You should have seen our boy’s smile as he listened to Mike reading the letter to him. He was so excited that God used him.

May he continue to look for all the ways that He will in the future, too.


7 thoughts on “God’s Gonna Use Him

  1. That post brought me to tears. I have moments when I feel the same with my 4 y/o son. It’s so neat to teach them at such an early age about God! 🙂

  2. Your pastor totally rocks! What a sensitivity to realize what a big deal that was to Max, and to take that extra step for him. Beautiful.

    The chip story makes me laugh!

  3. I enjoyed each and every one of these stories that celebrate Max’s Maxness. Especially sharing his piggy bank funds and the note from your pastor. How thoughtful!

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